Solar street light price

Solar energy industry offers a wide range of solar street lights that are used for illuminating roadways or any large open spaces in urban and rural areas. Solar street lights have automatic dusk to dawn feature and the lights are available at different price range depending on the brands, material, panel efficiency, wattage and models. Solar street lights consist of in-built solar panels, battery, charge controller and LED. There are mainly two types of solar street lights, all in one and integrated solar street lights.

Solar street lights are gaining popularity mainly because of their easy installation and low maintenance cost. Solar panels offer around 25 to 30 years of warranty and most vendors promise 1 to 4 years of overall warranty for the entire solar street light system. Before making the decision to switch to solar energy, it is important to estimate your solar electricity requirements and assess your solar potentials. Once the decision is made, it is crucial to understand how many lights are needed and how much they cost. To make this job easier for you, we are listing down the pricing of each solar street light available to fit any budget.

Most of all in one solar street lights are reasonably priced due to various reasons. Durable and impact-resisting ABS plastic is used to build the casing of all in one solar street lights. Since all the components of this system are inbuilt, the size of the solar panel is relatively smaller. All in one solar street lights do not require solar panels with high wattage as the lights operate with infrared motion sensors. This feature makes the lights energy efficient as they give out full brightness only when a movement is detected and dim down in the absence of no movement. Therefore, all in one solar street lights have batteries with relatively lesser capacity. The all in one solar street lights that have aluminum alloy body with solar panel and battery of bigger wattage and capacity are priced slightly higher.

Solar Street Light 10 Watt 30 watt

All in one solar street lights 10W: Rs. 3,499 to Rs. 6,499

All in One Solar Street Light 15 Watt 60 watt

All in one solar street lights 15W: Rs. 4,599 to 9,499

All in one solar street lights 20W

All in one solar street lights 20W: Rs. 15,999 to Rs. 16,999


All in one solar street light 30W

All in one solar street light 30W: Rs. 23,999 to Rs. 25,499

Integrated solar street lights are in demand because of their enhanced efficiency. While certain models operate at full brightness throughout the night, another model of integrated solar street lights operate at 100% brightness for a few hours and then at a lower level until sunrise. As the panels can be fixed as a separate unit, larger solar panels are used for better performance. Integrated solar street lights are relatively more expensive as they operate throughout the night without motion sensors and require high-capacity energy storage batteries. Sophisticated MPPT charge controllers help in the overall efficiency of the lights and can add to the costing. Rustproof and weatherproof aluminum alloy is used to design the cabinet.

Integrated solar street light 15W

Integrated solar street light 15W: Rs. 14,499 to Rs. 15,999

Integrated solar street light 20W

Integrated solar street light 20W: Rs. 15,399 to Rs. 17,399

Integrated solar street light 30W

Integrated solar street light 30W: Rs. 18,999 to Rs. 24,999

Integrated solar street light 40W

Integrated solar street light 40W: Rs. 25,999 to 28,999

The above pricing includes only the solar light system and the necessary tools for installation such as bolts and clamps. Solar street lights that are less heavy can be installed on walls using anchor bolts. If the lights are being installed on poles, you can purchase the poles after discussing with the dealer regarding the type and the outer dimension of the poles needed for specific lights as suggested by the manufacturer. Preferred pole length is 20 feet and pole diameter is 2 inches. Mild steel (MS) pole costs approximately Rs. 2500 and price of galvanized iron (GI) pole can range anywhere from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 4000.

Since there is no trenching or cabling required, solar street light installation alone does not cost anything. Most times, the solar light dealers or distributors take care of the entire installation process including the purchase of poles. Transition to solar energy has long-term benefits and can help you save operational and maintenance costs as the lights are not grid connected. To understand more about your solar energy options and pricing ranges, you may consider contacting a reputed dealer near you.