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Solar Street Light 20 Watt with MPPT Controller - TTSSIL20W
Solar Street Light 20 Watt with MPPT Controller - TTSSIL20W

Solar Street Light 20 Watt with MPPT Controller - TTSSIL20W

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This is an Integrated Solar Street Light with 35 Watt Solar Panel 20 Watt LED with 2400 Lumens. It consists of 3.2 volts 50 AH LiFePO4 battery. Inbuilt MPPT Controller helps in charging the battery and switching light ON/OFF. Light runs at 20 Watt for first 5 hours and later from 5 to 9 Hours light runs on 8 Watt then 9 to 12 Hours light runs on 12 watt Brightness and ensure that it gives light throughout the night.

Solar Street light automatically turns ON/OFF depending on the light intensity. Light is switched ON when darkness is detected and is switched OFF when light is detected. This features helps saving the human and material resources.

Application: It is widely used in street and roads, residential areas, scenic spots, parks, private gardens and other public areas. It helps create safer environment and can increase people our door night activities.

Product Details:

  • Product Code: TTSSIL20W
  • Brand: Tapetum
  • Item Type: Street Light
  • Product Color: Grey
  • Water Resistance IP Level: 65
  • 2 Year Warranty.

 Product Features:

  • The light never turns OFF no matter how many rainy or cloudy days.
  • The light can be installed from Equator area to Polar region.
  • The Working temperature is -20 to 60 deg C
  • Integrated design, modular production and one screw installation.
  • The product is used with a high-efficiency LiFePO4 battery which is usually used for an electric bus.
  • Integrated package and convenient transportation. 

 Battery and Solar Panel: 

  • Solar Panel: 12V, 35W
  • Solar Panel Life span: 25 Years
  • Battery Type: LiFePO4
  • Battery Voltage: 3.2V
  • Battery Capacity: 50 Ah
  • Battery Life span: 4-6 Years
  • Charge Type: Solar
  • Charging Time: 6 - 8 Hours
  • Working Time: 1 Night

 LED Specifications:

  • LED Wattage: 20 W, 2400 LM
  • LED Chip Brand: Nichia
  • Led Lifetime: >50000 Hrs
  • Viewing Angle: 120°
  • Light Color and temperature: Pure/Cool White, 5000-6000K
  • ON and OFF Switch: Automatic.