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What are floodlights?

Flood lights are one of the most efficient outdoor lighting fixtures that are used to provide an enormous amount of artificial light to any large open space. The lights are resistant to weather elements such as rain and frost and offer illumination in a broad-light angle. Floodlights are commonly used in areas where plenty of light is needed for nighttime activities. Floodlights are also used to illuminate residential properties so that you can monitor the surroundings at night o ensure safety. The diversity of floodlights has increased and improved over the past years.

Solar floodlights

Solar-powered floodlights are environment friendly and economical as they run purely on free solar energy. The solar panel absorbs the energy from the sun during the day and stores it inside a battery to light up the LED at night. The luminary consists of lithium-ion battery and LED light source. The luminary is connected to the solar panel using minimal wiring. High-efficacy LEDs can reduce heat output significantly when compared to other types of light sources. Solar floodlight system usually comes with a remote to adjust the brightness of the light.

Features of solar floodlights

Flexible choice in area of installation: Solar flood lights can be installed practically anywhere where the solar panel receives maximum direct sunlight.

Cost effective: Solar floodlight is a great outdoor lighting solution as it runs on only solar energy and using green, renewable energy helps in saving money in the long run.

Easy installation: Since the solar floodlight fixture is quite simple and easy to install and luminary and panel are connected with only a single cable, installation of these lights takes very little time. Since the lighting is not attached to the grid, it is easier to reinstall the light to another location if needed in the future.

Energy saving: Since there is no consumption of non-renewable energy, solar floodlights are environment friendly and pollution reducing. Automatic: Solar floodlights are designed to work from dusk till dawn and turn on and off automatically.

Weatherproof: Solar floodlights are designed to illuminate the outdoors; therefore, IP65 waterproofing is used to withstand harsh climate conditions.

Less maintenance: Almost no maintenance is required as the lights have built-in intelligence and require no manual intervention for operation after their installation.

Installation and maintenance

The installation of solar floodlights is very simple which can be carried out by anybody following the user’s manual. Location is the most important factor to consider when installing floodlights. Once you decide the area that needs wide and even light coverage at night and receives maximum sunlight during the day, the floodlights can be placed after connecting the solar panel and the luminary with a cable and brightness adjustment can be set via remote control.

After their installation, solar floodlights hardly require any maintenance. The luminary and panel can be cleaned with a damp washcloth or a soft brush to clear off any dirt or leaves. The light fixture can be cleaned even with any mild soap solution and water; however, use of any harsh detergent on the panels must be avoided.


Floodlight is a perfect way to illuminate any large open areas, such as:

  • Concert halls
  • Huge parking lots
  • Sports fields
  • Concerts or theater halls
  • Outdoor playing fields
  • Boulevards
  • Boundary walls
  • Military and civilian security installations
  • Airports
  • Yards
  • Manufacturing plants and construction sites
  • Facade lighting
  • Architectural buildings and monuments

Solar Floodlights - FAQ

Can I change the position of the lights once installed?

Yes, since the installation process of the flood light is very easy and the lights are not attached to any grid, they can be moved easily if required.

What is the life expectancy of the solar panel and LED light fixture?

While the solar panel offers a life expectancy of approximately 15 years, the LED fixture can work up to 50,000 hours.

Does the rain not damage the light?

Solar floodlights are designed to illuminate outdoor spaces; therefore, they are waterproofed with IP65.

What are the benefits of outdoor solar lighting?

Floodlights are often installed for safety, security and appearance and are also used to highlight architectural splendor of buildings and monuments.

How do I take care of my solar floodlight?

Ensure that the placement of floodlights does not present an obstacle to passersby or vehicles and also make sure the location is such that the lights do not get trampled by accident. For better efficiency and brightness, basic cleaning can be done and you may also inspect the fixture for chewed wires or any issues related to vandalism, wildlife, weather, etc.

Can the intensity of brightness be adjusted?

Yes, the solar floodlight fixture comes with a remote control and you can set the brightness mode remotely.