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Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights General Information: 

All our Solar Street lights comes with Lifepo4 ( Lithium Ion Phosphate ) inbuilt battery and solar panel. Hence it is called All in One integrated lights. This compact design are carefully crafted to give not only light but look and feel as well. Each light is thoroughly checked by our quality team to ensure high durability. 3.2 Volts low voltage design make it more safe and reliable.

Solar Street Light Models.

We manufacture lights for every one. Basic Solar Street Lighting system start from 5 Watt and we have up to 100 Watts. However some of our collections are make to order.

Advantages of using Tapetum Solar Street Lights:

Tapetum India Solar tag line "Helping India Glow " says it all. We are here to make a difference by helping India move from AC(Alternate Current) times to DC (Direct Current)Times. All our lights are designed to work in rainy days as well. The battery we use will withstand extreme weather conditions. Led used in our solar street lights is of very high quality which can give up to 220 Lumens per watt. There is no cost of installation and No wiring is required their by saving lot of money.


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