Solar Emergency Lights

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Solar emergency lights are mainly used to provide lighting in the absence of regular power supply. They are compact and can be easily placed anywhere without occupying much space. The solar panels used in solar emergency lights are smaller compared to the panels in other types of solar lights. Rechargeable lithium-ion or lead acid battery is used in solar emergency lights. They are used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The uses of solar emergency lights are multiple such as lighting during power outage, lighting for non-electrified rural areas, remote cabins, camping, boating and also for mobile phone charging.

Features and advantages of solar emergency lights

  • Compact
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Maintenance free
  • Durable
  • Charging indicator
  • Built-in lithium ion or lead acid battery
  • Uniform light emission
  • Waterproof solar panel
  • Elegant design
  • Multiple charging options
  • Multipurpose usage

There are mainly three types of solar emergency lights available in India:

Solar emergency tube lights

These lights come in different wattage and lumens. The main components of solar emergency tube lights are the LED light, in-built battery with controller and solar panel. The lights come with 2 to 3 meter long cable, power button, NdFeB magnets, concealed hook, charging indicator, input and output slots. The cable of solar panel is to be connected to the charging slot of solar emergency light and the red indicator glows while charging. The solar panels have IP65 waterproof rating; hence they can be kept near the window or outside to be charged. The intensity of brightness can be adjusted to 100%, 50% or 25% brightness with each click on the power button. There is also an SOS mode available where the red light keeps blinking until the light is turned off. With the SOS option, solar emergency tube lights can be used as hazard lights to alert the ongoing traffic in case of a break down or if the vehicle is stationary on the side of the road. The magnetic surface of the solar emergency tube light makes it easier to stick the light on the car or any metal surface. The solar emergency tube light can also be used as a power bank to charge cell phones or other gadgets to charge them to some extent.

Solar home light system or DC kit

The DC kit contains 3 to 5 LED bulbs with 2-3 meter power cable, solar panel, in-built rechargeable battery with controller, on and off switch, multi-function USB cable and user manual. The bulbs are to be connected to the output port and panel should be plugged to the charging port for charging. The indicator glows during charging. The kit is secured with IC protection to avoid overvoltage and overcurrent. The body of the solar home light system is made of aluminum or ABS plastic. The USB slot on the light is helpful in charging mobile phones, tablets or other similar digital devices in an emergency. The solar home light system is compact and can be easily fit into bags and used for outdoor activities.

Solar LED spotlight or torch

These lights are widely used for commercial and domestic operations. These come with solar panel, spot light, charging port, on/off switch, wall charger and car charger. To charge the torch, connect the solar panel/wall charger/car charger to charging port of the spot light. This solar spotlight has a stylish and sleek design and offers good unequalled brightness. High intensity spotlight can illuminate up to 500 meters. The light can be easily charged using the multiple options provided in the kit. The fully charged spotlight can work up to 4 to 5 hours. If the light is being used in dusty outdoor areas, it is important to clean the panel and the light occasionally to ensure efficient product charging.

While these are the three basic varieties of solar emergency lights available in India today, the external design of each varies according to different manufacturers. Solar emergency lights are designed in such a way that they are very easy to transport from place to place and are convenient to use because of their simplicity. The lights will continue to serve their purpose in different temperatures and climates and with the multiple charging options, the lights can be charged even with electricity during monsoon days. Most of the solar emergency lights can also be used as a power bank. They fit versatile applications like home security, rescue operations, hiking, car repairs, fishing or other outdoor activities. These durable and cost-effective lights are a dependable accessory and a must-have commodity for every home.