Solar Lights How They Work

What is solar light

In scientific terms 'Solar Lights' are portable light fixtures which includes LED lamps, photo-voltaic solar panels and rechargeable batteries. In simple terms solar means the sun and lighting means to provide light. So, solar light is the light which is produced with the help of sun's energy.

solar light information

Information about solar light are widely available on the internet, in simple terms Solar Lights work with the help of photovoltaic effect, Solar cells are an important part of solar light because, it can only convert sunlight into direct electrical current. The solar panels absorb energy into the inverter because that will save energy in its battery for current and later use as well. Solar Lights work with the help of photovoltaic effect. Solar cells are an important part of solar light because, it can only convert sunlight into direct electrical current. The solar panels will absorb energy and save it in its battery for current and later use as well.

A solar cell consists of several crystalline silicone and chemicals that can create layers of negatively-charged electrons and positively charged spaces. When sunlight passes through the solar cells it activates the negatively charged electrons and pushes them to the positively charged spaces. This electron is then embedded into the solar cell to a battery through wires where the electricity is stored. During the day the battery charges fully and as it gets dark the solar cells stops converting sunlight as it gets weak. However, the photoreceptor on the light senses it and turns on the light which is made up of several light-emitting diodes (LEDs). This process gets repeated on a daily cycle and when the daylight breaks the photoreceptor shuts of the light automatically.

There are various types of solar lights available in the market but the way of functioning is mainly the same. Enough sunlight is required to charge the battery fully to keep the lights working whole night hence, while placing a solar light always check if the panels are away from trees and bushes which will come in the way of sunlight.

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Solar lights work on the principle of photovoltaic effect. Solar panels absorb sunlight with the help of solar cells and convert this solar energy into direct electrical current which is stored into solar batteries via a charge controller for later use. A single solar cell is capable of producing a maximum of 0.45 volts and the current generated depends on the size of the cell and the amount of sunlight striking the solar panel.

Procedure of solar light

A solar panel consists of multiple solar cells and a solar array is formed by wiring multiple panels together. Solar cells are made of crystalline silicone, which is a semiconductor material that can produce negatively-charged electrons and positively-charged spaces. When sunlight is passed through the solar cells, the photons released from the sun knock these electrons and push them into the positive spaces in the cells, forming an electrical circuit. Direct current electricity is generated when electrons flow through such a circuit.

Solar panels are wired directly to the battery through a charge controller, which protects the battery by preventing the backflow of current through the solar cell at night and regulating the voltage. Solar cells stop the conversion process and stop producing power at nighttime. When there is no sufficient sunlight to convert, photoreceptors on the light sense it and start supplying power to the LED. The photoreceptor shuts off the light automatically at daybreak and this process gets repeated on a daily basis.

The most common type of solar light used is solar street lights, these lights are a compact modern form of solar lights which are very easy to install and require low maintenance.


Solar lights are used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Solar-powered lighting can be installed in different public and private sectors and are being used even as traffic and sign lights. The most common solar light applications are:

Solar street light designs are compact, lightweight and are used in various outdoor lighting applications to illuminate highways, streets, gated communities, pathways, resorts, backyards, patios, lawns, pergolas, gazebos, parks, parking lots, construction sites, play areas, school and college buildings, factory compounds and any remote areas with no access to grid electricity.

Solar garden light are available in modern designs and multiple styles and are usually used as decorative lights to enhance the aesthetic value of an outdoor area and to provide security and sustainability. They are used in gardens, lawns, fence, terrace, parks, open-air restaurants, courtyard, balconies, decks, stairs, ponds, stairs, scenic spots, driveways and patios.

Solar emergency lights are known to be a dependable accessory and fit versatile applications such as rescue operations, hiking, car repairs, home security, fishing, camping and other outdoor activities. These lights are useful during power outages and often have an in-built power bank to charge electronic devices.

Solar flood lights and spot lights provide focused lighting and can be used where illumination is required in a broad-light angle such as concert halls, huge parking lots, boulevards, sports fields, military and civilian security installations, façade lighting, airports, manufacturing plants and architectural buildings and monuments.

Indoor solar lights are used as an alternate power source and sometimes as a main source. They offer different features and are typically connected to solar panels installed on the top of the building.

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