Which is the Best Light to Buy for Path Way

Just like the solar street lights, solar pathway lights play an important role in guiding our way. Pathway lights are mostly installed in garden, front doors, terraces and stairways. Illuminating the pathways ensures safety, convenience for walking, protecting the border plants from heavy-footed walkers, highlighting the prized plants and adding a curb appeal to the landscaped garden. As the name suggest pathway light helps us by guiding along an outdoor path or a walkway. And for this, there are certain specific lights that are best in this job. A gently glowing downward light towards our feet, providing direction without distracting the glare is what should be chosen for lighting up the pathway. There are different types of fixtures available for lining and lighting the walkways. The most common and useful one are the Solar light warm white, garden fancy light, Fire burn LED light, Fancy flood light and European garden light.
Solar Garden Light Warm White:This model has sleek cup design with high quality patent which can last for up to 2 or more nights when fully charged.
Solar Garden Fancy Light: This model features 3 in 1 functions: Floating light/Pendant light/Lawn light. It has an elegant look with built in solar panel and a weatherproof Eternal Flame which can withstand rain, hailstone and heat. These lights can be placed near Garden, Patio, Landscape, Deck, Lawn, Swimming Pool, Hanging.
Solar Garden Fire Burn LED Light: This light resembles like a bonfire on a stick. The realistic flames provide a perfect ambiance for BBQ session, camping or a garden party. Just place the torch on your lawn, a flower pot, or even a parasol base and your outdoor bonfire is ready.
Solar European Garden light- Warm White: This solar light has got a crepuscular sensor placed inside the photo-voltaic panel which can automatically turn on the garden lamp when the sun goes down and turn off automatically when the sun rises. The motion sensor can increase the light intensity when it detects any presence and illuminates a space of about 15 square meters at maximum power.
Solar European Gate Light: The crepuscular sensor placed inside the photo-voltaic panel can automatically turn on the garden lamp when the sun goes down and turn off automatically when the sun rises. The LEDs present inside the solar lamp can emit a luminous flux of 100 lumens of warm white color.
Solar Garden Fancy Flood Light: This light is great for garden, yard, aisle, porch, patio, or driveway etc. Just press the button to switch on the seven different static color and four dynamic modes. It has a rotatable design which you can adjust the angle as per needs.
Solar Garden Light: this type of garden light has an integrated design with modular production and requires one screw installation. This type of solar garden lights use high-efficiency LiFePO4 battery which is usually used for the electric bus.
Solar Gate Light: Warm White- Solar Gate Light has an European high-grade appearance with high-quality aluminum and Crystal wick craft. The crystalline silicon solar panel has high photo-chemical inversion rate and can keep working up to a lifespan of over 15 years. Above given are some of the names of best light to buy for pathway. These lights are easy to install, depends on sun’s energy and supports the environment in illuminating the world.

Author : Arunima