What are PIR Lights and where they are used

Having one type of security system at home has become compulsory nowadays with the increasing number of crimes. Apart from different alarm systems and cctv cameras, PIR motion sensor is also one of them. Passive Infrared Sensor also known as PIR Sensor that detects infrared light. Motion sensors are used to detect human body movements inside or outside buildings or properties. It will send out a signal to the control panel once it senses or detects any movement which will trigger the alert in the way of light or alarm device. In this blog we will see how the PIR motion sensor functions along with their possibilities and limitations of this technology.
Meaning of PIR sensors
The term "passive" indicates that the sensor does not actively emit the IR signals but passively detects the infrared radiations coming from the human body from the surrounding area. Generally speaking like any other motion sensor, PIR sensor is something that detects infrared energy omitted by human or animal body from a considerable distance with the help of a crystalline material. This material is located in the field of view and sends out signals to the control system which can trigger the alarm when there is any movement. To be more accurate the detector analyses the change by measuring the difference which occurs in the amount of infrared radiation in a particular location. PIR sensors are mostly used in outdoor and indoor environments in the form of security lights and alarm systems. The usual range for PIR sensor is 6 meters but they can also be adjusted in different ranges. Due to its small size, long lasting life, less cost and convenience in using, these lights have gained much popularity appreciably.
Different types of PIR sensor:
  • Alarm system PIR sensors
This device is used mostly in households and small offices due to its low price and good functionality. The alarm detector once it detects heat energy it will trigger the selected alarm device and ring the bell or siren to warn the occupants or scare the burglars off.
  • Motion light PIR sensors
These type of security lights are good for increasing the efficiency of outdoor lighting (outdoor flood lights) or the hallway. Since Motion light PIR sensor has adjustable PIR sensor range and illumination time it can also be used indoors. It can also save maximum energy if you are using the proper type of bulb-LED bulbs.
  • Video motion sensors
These sensors can be combined with video cameras having advanced digital processing. The record able motion sensor starts recording once they sense any motion and capture them in the memory storage. They can also save energy by capturing motion only when they detect someone is entering the building. As mentioned, PIR lights can sense motion and provide security and safety to any property through a built-in PIR sensor.
Some of the commonly used areas are:
  • Yards of private houses;
  • Front-door;
  • Hallways of office buildings;
  • Parking lots
PIR motion lights are available in varieties depending on their features, functions and adjustments. To get the best out of your product try examining it before actually doing the purchase. You can even consult the retailer for different parameters of the product such as-
  • The range of detection
  • Distance of the detection
  • Placement
  • Lamps
  • Pet-immune sensor
  • Resistance
  • Solar panel equipped motion lights.