What are flood lights

Flood lights are a type of outdoor lighting that can illuminate a large amount of area at night. These lights are mostly used for residential and commercial purpose to stay away from any king of criminal activities. The street lights that are placed in the city are a type of flood light. Flood lights are popular mainly because of the amount of lighting it can produce which is generally not available in other types of solar lights.


Components of flood light fixtures
The components that are included in a flood light fixture are quite different from the other types of solar lights. Flood are designed to use outdoors hence, they are expected to be durable to face all types of weather conditions. These types of special flood lights are known as outdoor flood lights which are made up of casing and durable metal like aluminum. It can protect lightning fixture from high winds, rain, storms, extreme heat and cold temperatures. There is also the availability of basic flood light fixture that can be used for regular outdoor usage. These fixtures are made with less durable plastic casings, but they will be able to withstand any common weather circumstances like rain, hot temperatures and even snow. There is another common outdoor flood light available in the market, known as solar flood lights. This type of lights works by collecting suns energy using a solar panel and storing it into a rechargeable battery to use it later during the night to power up an area.
Where Flood Lights can be used?
Some of the places where flood lights can be used are:-
  • Stadiums
  • Sports fields
  • Streets
  • Driveways
  • Parking lots
  • Indoor and outdoor arenas
  • Warehouses
  • Many other large areas
Flood lights are a great source to illuminate an area. They are powerful and bright to cover up a large amount of area. They are available in all types of sizes and in lesser watts to even hundred watts. Flood lights often give a sense of security and safety when installed around the dark areas of the house. Buyers are also showing interest in buying a flood light with motion sensor to keep an eye on new visitors.
Advantages of using Flood lights
There are few advantages of using flood lights above other lights when it comes to illuminating an area. However, spot light can be counted next after flood light. These fixtures can be used both indoors and outdoors but they have a smaller and concentrated range of light. If we want to light up one particular spot then spot lights are the best. Whereas, high powered flood lights are perfect for illuminating fields, mining areas like dark passage and caves. Flood lights that are operated using battery are mostly used as emergency lights in places where there is frequent disruption of electricity. This portability also makes them one of the most popular and demanding source of lighting among small and large areas.