Use of All in One Solar Street Light and Advantages

All in one solar street light are one of the most user friendly solar street light that offer hassle-free outdoor solar street lighting solutions. These lights are accessible to everyone due to their unique designs and affordability. The components used in all in one solar street lights are:

Controller: PWM or MPPT controllers

Solar panel: Polycrystalline or monocrystalline panels

Light source: LED

Battery: Lithium ion or LiFePO4

PIR motion sensor

PIR Motion Sensor

All in one solar street lights come in two varieties, with motion sensors and without motion sensors. Lights with motion sensors help to save energy and bring a sense of security to the installed property. All in solar street lights with infrared motion sensors switch on automatically at dusk and after a few seconds of operation, the brightness reduces to almost 20%. The heat waves radiating from moving objects are detected by these motion sensors which bring up the brightness electronically to 100%. When there is no warmer object identified, dim mode is reverted back. All in one solar street lights without motion sensors operate at 100% brightness in the first four hours and in the later part of the night, the lights dim down the brightness.

all in one solar street light mounting
All in one solar street lights walls or poles mounted

All in one solar street lights can be mounted on walls or poles due to their compact size and lightweight feature. These lights are wireless and since all the components are integrated into one single unit, the installation process is quite easy. If placed at the right location where the panels can receive sufficient direct sunlight throughout the day, all in one solar street lights can illuminate the area from dusk till dawn. These lights require very minimal maintenance and there is no manual intervention is required for their operation. Occasional inspection can identify any damage and replace any faulty components and basic cleaning of the solar panels can increase the efficiency of the panels.


All in one solar street lights with motion sensors can be used in areas where people and vehicle movement are predictable. Residences and other private properties use all in one solar street lights with lesser wattage to illuminate their backyards, lawns, patios, gardens, play areas or any dark corners where grid electricity cannot be reached. These lights create a safe environment and encourage people to increase their outdoor activities at night. All in one solar streets without motion sensors can be used to light up any remote areas, streets, open-air restaurants, parks, parking lots, etc. where continuous illumination is required for the first half of the night.


automatic solar street light

Automatic: All in one solar streets with infrared motion sensors detect motion and illuminate the lights automatically. The lights without motion sensors operate in a time based manner automatically. No manual assistance is needed to switch on or switch off the lights.

Energy efficient: Motion sensor and dimming features save energy and guarantee long battery life. This saved energy comes handy in illuminating the lights on non-sunny days when there is no much solar energy to be converted.

Cost effective: All in one solar street lights are powered solely by free solar energy and therefore, there is no much labor or operation costs and installation cost is also lesser as there is no cable work or electric equipment needed to fix these lights.

Easy installation and maintenance: All in one solar street light structures are very easy to mount an can be installed even without trained manpower and with only basic tools.

Unaffected by power outages: Any power outages in the main building do not affect all in one solar street lights and they can continue to illuminate the property when the surrounding area is dark.

Affordable price range: All in one street lights are very rationally priced which makes them attainable to many individuals who would like to experience the benefits of solar energy. Freight costs in transporting these lights to the area of installation is also less due to their compact volume. The most reasonably priced all in one solar streets available in the market now come with motion sensors and in 7, 10, 15 and 20 watts.

Weatherproof: All in one solar street lights are housed in durable metal or ABS plastic. IP65 waterproofing is used to withstand extreme weather changes.