Unending Benefits of Solar Street Lights

Solar-powered lights are getting increasing attention and popularity all over the world because of the advantages of solar energy.  Solar power is a dependable energy source for street lights and the benefits associated with solar street lights are unending.  Use of solar street lights leads to self-sufficiency and reduced dependency on conventional energy sources, which in turn leads to conservation of energy and less reliance on the national power grid.  India has many states that receive sunlight in abundance and solar street light are the ideal choice for lighting up streets, parks and other public spaces.

solar street light 10 watt

Key Aspects

Over the years, solar LED street lights have evolved considerably and modern all in one solar street lights have solar panel, replaceable lithium-ion or LiFePO4 battery, LED light, charge controller and motion sensors integrated into a single compact unit.  Solar street lights are fully automatic LED lights that are water-resistant and weatherproof and are well-suited for domestic and commercial lighting applications.  Solar street lights have emerged as a smart choice of lighting due to the technology used in their manufacturing and operation.

LiFePO4 battery

Solar street lights have advanced energy-saving features which help the lights operate for longer hours.  The in-built solar panel converts solar energy into electrical energy which is stored in the battery.  The stored energy is used for dusk-to-dawn lighting, sensing the presence of night and morning.  While all in one solar street lights are activated by people or vehicular movement to operate in full brightness, integrated solar street lights work at maximum brightness during the first 4-5 hours of night and later, the light works at reduced intensity till early morning.


Solar street lights from Tapetum India Solar are being used in a wide variety of public and private applications.  They are available in affordable price ranges and a variety of technical specifications to suit the needs of everyone.  These lights are a good lighting option to illuminate streets, yards, gardens, play areas, car parks, etc.  Tapetum is a leading ISO certified distributor that does not compromise on product quality and offers 1- to 2-year warranty on solar street lights.

Unending Benefits

The benefits corresponding to solar street lights are many and we have listed out a few of the main reasons why one should convert to solar.


Solar street lights are a perfect green lighting solution that can play a major role in reducing the carbon footprints created by non-renewable energy sources.  Promoting the use of solar-powered street lights can not only prevent us from inhaling harmful gases but can also help in reducing pollution for future generations.


Solar street lights continue to function throughout the year irrespective of grid failures or power cuts as they work independent of any utility company.  Solar street lights come with energy-efficient features and the battery backup is good enough to extend to a few more nights before having to recharge.  Therefore, the lights operate even on non-sunny or rainy days making solar power a reliable and effective energy source.


Solar street lights function purely on solar energy which is freely available to everyone.  The electricity bill will be significantly reduced once you start to use these lights and there are no operational costs involved at all due to the off-grid nature of the lights.  One may not be able to see the benefits of solar street lights immediately and the initial investment may seem huge at first but the lights will cover up all that costs within a few years.

Imperishable energy source:

Sunlight is available to everyone and it never becomes weaker with more use.  It is an unlimited form of energy that we will never fall short of.  The panels should be placed in areas where they can receive direct sunlight in order to get maximum benefit out of the solar street lights.

Less maintenance:

Solar street lights are wireless and do not require grid connection to operate.  They require almost zero maintenance compared to conventional street lights.  All the components used in a solar street light unit have relatively longer lifespan.  Apart from occasional cleaning or inspection, the lights do not need any manual intervention after their installation.

Available in wide ranges: 

With technological advancements, solar street lights are now available in a variety of styles, features, designs and sizes.  One does not have to choose only a standard type now since there are a lot to choose from to fit your expectations and individual requirements.