Types of Solar Panels Used in Solar Lights

Overview Of Solar Panels:

Solar Panels absorbs sunlight and generate electricity. By photo voltaic effect solar cells present in solar panels converts light into electricity. It produces direct current (DC). Large number of solar cells combined together forms solar panel. Solar Cell is a semiconductor made of silicon. Types of Solar Panels Used in Solar Lights: There are many solar panels types available in market, below are the widely used solar panels
  • Poly crystalline.
  • Mono Crystalline.

Poly Crystalline:

These solar panels are commonly in usage in India because of the price factor. Efficiency of the solar panels depends on how much power it can generate. Poly Crystalline may not work efficiently under extreme temperatures. However, for Indian weather conditions this could not make much difference. Poly Crystalline are less expensive compared to Mono-crystalline. Color of solar panel is usually blue. It is made of silicon. Silicon is melted together and used in solar panel ,hence it is called multi crystalline as multiple fragments of silicon is melted to form crystals in each solar cell. These solar panels have life span of 25 years. Roof top installation are usually having Poly Crystalline solar panel in India.

Mono Crystalline:

These type of solar panels are more efficient and expensive compared to Poly Crystalline. Under extreme temperature this panel can still perform better. Purest form of silicon is used in these panels. Single-crystal silicon is used in Mono Crystalline solar panels. This give lot of space for electricity to move freely, hence it is more efficient. Color of solar panel is black. Usually these panels are compact, hence utilize less space. It has life span of 25 years and worldwide this solar panel is preferred. Compact All in One Integrated solar lights uses Mono Crystalline because of it efficiency in power generation.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

  • Efficiency of Mono crystalline is high , that means it coverts 20 percent of sunlight into electricity. Where as Poly-crystalline Solar Panels efficiency rate is 15 % .
  • Price of Mono crystalline is higher than Poly-crystalline solar panels.
  • Mono crystalline solar panels are more compact than Poly-crystalline solar panels.
  • Mono crystalline will withstand high temperature as electron can move more freely than Poly-crystalline solar panels.
  • When you look at way they look, Mono crystalline looks elegant , sleek and uniformed appearance.
  • Life Span of Mono crystalline is slightly more when compared to any other panels.

What should one choose :

  • Conclusion is when space is not constraint go for Poly-crystalline panels. This can be used in roof top solar and solar plants where space is abundant.
  • One is looking for more economical panels, then Poly-crystalline is good to go for.
  • From design prospective Mono crystalline should be used. Somewhere the panels are more visible.
  • Both types of panel can be used in Solar Garden Lights, Solar Street lights and Solar Flood Lights, emergency lights etc. However it is once choice to decide considering above three points.