Top All In One Solar Street Light

All in one solar street light are the most advanced and innovative outdoor lighting solutions from the solar energy sector.  The lights consist of solar panels, charge controller, LED and battery integrated into one single unit.  Their compact, lightweight and elegant designs have attracted many people over the recent years.  All in one solar street lights are a smart choice to begin with for those who would like to experience the benefits of solar energy without having to invest in a large scale.  All in one solar street lights are rationally priced, making it equally affordable to individuals and businesses.

One of the biggest advantages of all in one solar street lights is the fact that they come with PIR motion sensors, which make the lights energy efficient and create a sense of security in the property owners.  Solar lights with sensors switch on automatically at dusk like any other solar lights and after a 30-second wait, if there is no movement in the area, the lights reduce their brightness to 20%.  The lights are capable of detecting warm objects and bringing up their brightness to 100%.  Again, the lights can reduce the brightness back to 20% when there are no moving people, animals or vehicles around them.

A few of the top all in one solar street lights by tapetum are listed below:

All in one solar street light 7 watt

solar street light 7 watt owl series

These lights with motion sensors are reasonably priced and come in elegant designs.  The solar panels are of 6 Watt and the LED used is 7 Watt with 1120 Lumens.  With around 7 hours of charging and 3.2 volts 10 AH LiFePO4 battery, the lights can perform for 8 to 12 hours at night.

All in one solar street light 10 watt


These lights with PIR sensors are cost-effective and can offer illumination throughout the night if installed correctly.  With 10 Watt solar panel, 10 Watt LED with 1500 Lumens and 3.2 volts 18 AH LiFePO4 battery, these lights are designed to last long and perform even during rainy season.

All in one solar street light 15 watt

solar street light 15 watt

These lights with motion sensors offer economic and environmental benefits and have 15 Watt solar panel, 15 Watt LED with 2200 Lumens and 3.2 volts 24 AH LiFePO4 battery.  The energy saved is beneficial in lighting up during overcast weather when the sunlight is not enough to charge the panels.

All the above lights have a 120-degree viewing angle and the high-efficiency LED can last up to 50,000 hours.  All in one solar street lights are wireless and can be installed on poles or walls without much effort.  They are waterproofed with IP65 and use cool white LED for illumination.  The lights can operate from dusk to dawn if placed at a location where maximum direct sunlight is available.  All in one lights are usually used in private properties to illuminate gardens, backyards, lawns, play areas and pathways or corners with no access to grid electricity.  Since these lights have intelligent sensors, it is preferable to install them at those locations where people movement and traffic are predictable.