Top 10 reasons why you must go solar in 2021

The reasons why people go solar are many but meeting the energy requirements without hurting the environment is the most common reason. Businesses, organizations and public and private property owners benefit from solar energy. The COVID-19 pandemic and the crisis that followed have awakened many people to the importance of self-sustainability. It is crucial now for everyone to prioritize health and economic recovery and for the government to concentrate on the energy sector and reconsider its energy policies.

Solar energy sector is evolving constantly and the latest technological advancements have made the solar panels more efficient and cost effective. Solar lights have become more affordable and accessible to homeowners and businesses. Whether you would like to switch to solar for economic, environmental or personal reasons, the benefits of solar are many and there is something for everyone. We are listing out a few of the major reasons why solar energy is good for you.

1. Solar energy is environment friendly

eco friendly solar street lights

Solar energy is one of the cleanest renewable energy and unlike conventional lights, solar lights do not have any harmful carbon emissions. No natural resources are depleted during its operation since solar energy is non-exhaustible and natural. Global warming is taking a huge negative toll on the environment and solar energy is a great step towards sustainability by reducing your carbon footprint.

The usage of fossil fuels attributes to greenhouse gases which are responsible for ozone and habitat destruction and decrease in air and water purity. Solar-powered lights have no side effects and operate without any smell or smoke. Using solar energy leads to conservation of natural resources as they require only 80% to 90% less water and land. It is less toxic to humans and can also reduce acid rain and marine eutrophication.

2. Solar energy is cheaper

Solar energy is free and available in abundance. Solar-powered lights run with the help of photovoltaic cells which capture the sunlight and convert it into usable electricity to power residential and commercial properties. The sun offers unending light and energy, more than we could ever use. Solar is the type of energy that no one can monopolize.

When you compare solar power to grid electricity or generators, operational costs of solar lights are a lot cheaper. Solar lights do not demand any installation and maintenance charges apart from the initial investment. With solar technology becoming more progressive, solar-powered equipment will be more cost effective in the coming years and the benefits from your solar power system will be best visible in the long term.

3. Solar lights last longer

Solar lights work automatically with dusk to dawn sensor feature. Some of the solar street light operate with motion sensor that detects movement and changes the brightness of the lights. This helps in extending the battery life of the solar lights with the dimming option when no motion is detected and then lighting up to full brightness when there is a movement.

All the components of solar lights are basically built to last long. Solar panels usually offer a lifespan of 25 to 30 years and many reputable service providers give an overall warranty of 4 to 5 years for the entire solar light system. When compared to other sources of energy, this is considerably a good amount of time.

4. Solar lights help you stay unaffected by electricity price hike and power outages

Grid electricity prices are always rising and the per-unit price will only continue to climb up further in the future. Cost of fuels, power plant costs, transmission and distribution costs, state regulations, seasons and type of customers determine the price of grid electricity. With solar-powered equipment, customers would be unscathed by surging electricity prices.

When disconnected from the main source, traditional lights tend to stop working during natural disasters and solar lights would continue to work during these times and power cuts. Outdoor solar lights are weatherproof and are designed to work even in extreme weather changes. Since solar lights are not connected to an electricity grid, power cuts do not affect their continued operation.

5. Solar lights increase your property value

It has been observed that properties powered with solar energy systems seem to have higher property value and sell faster than non-solar ones. As home owners and buyers become more educated about the benefits of solar energy, demand for solar-equipped properties will only continue to grow. Considering the amount of return solar energy gives, the initial investment is practically nothing and the next generation will benefit from our today’s efforts to preserve the nature. By switching to solar energy, we will be indirectly infusing awareness into the younger generation regarding the dire consequences of global warming and the significance of conserving our natural resources.

6. Low maintenance

Solar lights are automatic and require no manual intervention after installation to switch on or switch off the lights. The lights may require only occasional cleaning and inspection for better longevity and efficiency. Usually, any loose dirt and debris are washed off by natural rainfall and greater efficiency of the outdoor lights can be attained by a few checkups and routine servicing once in a while.

One of the major reasons why solar-powered lights require little maintenance is because they have not many movable parts. Solar lights need minimal wiring which makes them less vulnerable to connection issues. These lights are designed to be self-sufficient and demand only minimal repair work and maintenance. The increased lifespan of solar panels and other components also reduces the need for any further maintenance and care.

7. Easy installation

Unlike conventional lights, solar lights do not need any cable laying work or any complex wiring. Interdependency weakness is not a concern since each solar lighting system works as an independent power generating unit. The installation process demands only some basic tools and a minimum number of workers. As no electric equipment is needed, installation cost is a lot lesser.

Solar-powered lights are easy to mount and require no trained manpower for their installation. Many of the solar lights come as one unit and those with separate parts come with connecting plugs that make it easy to fit all the components together. The installation steps are very simple and depending on the type of solar light, you can either install it yourself or call a professional.

8. Solar Energy is portable

Contrary to popular misconception, solar lights are now portable, compact and lightweight. There is an extensive array of solar-based products that use the most advanced technology and are very helpful in illuminating the outdoors. Solar lights are not connected to grid electricity with wires and hence, they are easily transportable.

Solar garden light, pond lights, pathway lights, flood lights and street lights have in-built panels and batteries and can be conveniently moved from one place to another if required. Moreover, solar emergency lights are helpful during power outages or to light up areas with no access to electricity. These lights can be easily placed anywhere and are usually used for outdoor activities and also for charging mobile phones or other electrical devices.

9. Solar energy is a home investment

The biggest highlight of going solar is the amount of money that can be saved from substantially reduced electricity bills. Many of the home improvements that you make do not typically add quite the equal value to the property as the money that you invested into them; however, investing on solar energy, on the other hand, will save you money each month from your utility bill in addition to adding more property value.

Uninterrupted night-long power supply is guaranteed with solar and switching to solar energy can generate striking financial benefits. The return of investment depends on many variables and is unique to each household and their energy consumption.

10. Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

Recently, individuals and businesses are becoming more responsible in terms of their contribution towards the society and sustainability and social responsibility go hand in hand when it comes to an organization’s values and culture. Social and economic benefits of embracing solar power are being recognized by individuals and companies that choose to function responsibly.

Businesses that demonstrate interest in investing in solar power may create goodwill amongst their clients and improve business results. A solar-equipped home shows the homeowner’s commitment towards the environment which can encourage the community also to switch to solar power.