Things to consider when installing security flood lights

Security flood lights are the best and efficient source of lighting if we want to accomplish a safe and secured home. These lights are bright and good enough to protect from unwanted intruders. Installing security lights around the building is just not enough to escape the trespassers but it is equally important to place some good bright lights to illuminate the dark areas around the compound properly. In this article we'll learn about the points to consider when installing security flood light in a home/school/farm to keep it safe from unwanted guest.
  • To begin with first of all we need to buy some good quality branded solar lights that can illuminate the area for long hours. A light that can be mounted high up on the wall, a nearby pole, front porch, steps or closer to ground level along your paths to focus on a larger area leading up to the front door will be the ideal one.
  • Check if the light is water & heat resistant since, the lights will be placed outside the home it has to be durable and hold up under all weather conditions. From extreme heat, rain and freezing cold it should be able to work under any condition.
  • Even if you are planning to install the light outside, but under a roof, it will have to be capable of tolerating dampness and condensation. So, it may not be full weatherproof but still we will need a heavy-duty light to keep working all night.
  • It should be auto on/off when needed. For instance, it should turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn when it gets bright outs This will help to save energy and start recharging the batteries again to keep running at night.
  • A PIR Motion Sensor & Dimmable featured solar flood light will help to detect any motion up to 26ft away and turn into bright white light and once it is detected it will turn back to dim mode. This will help in preventing the energy from getting waste.
  • To make sure the solar flood lights have an extend life we should check the battery also. A good battery with power storage features will be able to store solar energy during the day and utilize it at night.
  • The last point is to enhance the looks of your outdoors. The light fixture will always be visible to your guest so, try to choose a design that is compatible with the style of your home and creates a beautiful landscape with an appealing view.
Considering the above points will help you to select a good security flood light that will help you to lead a stress free life illuminating any area, be it home compound, a farm, school etc. it will reduce the chances of criminal activity. These lights do not need any extra wiring and can be easily installed by you. They will also help in cutting your heavy electrical bills because solar energy is what they need to keep working. Install them around the crucial corners of your house so that there is no blind spot left out for illuminating.

Author : Arunima