Sunseap to build floating Solar energy Generator off Woodlands

As stated on a press release on Friday (Nov 9), an offshore floating photovoltaic (PV) system is built in Singapore by Sunseap, a sustainable energy provider.

This five-hectare development will be located in North of Woodlands Waterfront Park, with the strait of Johor.

Originally, we were looking around the straits of Johor; to put it simply, there was a concern about whether the floating platform would float elsewhere, said Mr. Frank Phuan, co-founder and CEO of Sunseap Group.

If youre in the Southern waters, it may float to the other parts that are unknown but if its in the strait of Johor we are restricted by the Causeway, we are restricted (within the water) between Singapore-and Malaysia and I think the Maritime Port Authority felt that this was safe location.

He also added: The straits of Johor has less maritime activity compared to southern waters, so we feel more confident as well (with this area).

Once after the completion, the five megawatt peak (MWp) floating solar system will be generating about 6,388 megawatt per hour (MWh) of renewable energy yearly.

This production is equivalent to powering about 1,250 4-room flats, with reduced greenhouse gas emission of 2,600 tons per year, over the next 25 years and beyond, said Sunseap in its press release.

Sunseap is excited to embark on this landmark project which demonstrates its engineering capabilities in research and development, said Mr. Phuan.

Our floating solar system supports Singapores ambition to be a solar hub for Asia, and we hope it will ignite more deployment of alternative methods of tapping solar energy.

Sunseap has previously worked on the worlds largest floating PV test-bed in Singapore at Tenegh Reservoir. Results state that floating PV systems perform better than typical rooftop solar PV systems in Singapore, because of cooler temperature of the reservoir environment.