Solar Street Light With Motion Sensor In India

Solar street lights are the most popular and sought-after category of solar lights in India and the technological advancements in the solar energy sector have made these lights more intelligent and efficient.  Solar-powered motion sensor street lights are a wonderful addition to your security system.  Motion sensors help in managing the converted solar energy efficiently and ensuring there is power throughout the night and even during non-sunny days.



All in one solar street light with motion sensors are being used as security lights in driveways, gardens, private yards, lawns, play areas, decks, etc.  With in-built PIR sensor, battery, solar panel, controller and LED merged into a single unit, these lights are elegantly designed and are compact in size.  Due to their lightweight structure, they can be effortlessly installed on poles as well as walls even without any professional assistance.

Solar motion sensor light is a modern outdoor lighting solution that works from dusk to dawn automatically.  Around 30 seconds after switching on, the light dims down to 20% brightness if there is no people or vehicle movement in the area.  The motion sensor is capable of detecting any warm objects and glowing up to 100% brightness, after which the brightness is reduced electronically again to 20% if no motion is sensed.

In solar motion sensor lights, PWM or MPPT controllers are used for voltage protection and LiFePO4 batteries work well for these street lights due to their small size and long lifespan.  The lights are housed inside durable ABS and metal and to withstand rough climatic conditions, IP65 waterproofing is used.  Cool white LED with 120-degree viewing angle gives a cleaner look, making it an excellent outdoor lighting solution.

Installed at a height of 4 to 5 meters where the solar panels can receive maximum direct sunlight in order to convert solar energy to usable electricity, all in one solar street lights with motion sensors can perform for 8 to 12 hours at night depending on the intensity of sunlight received.  There is absolutely no manual interference needed for their operation and other than occasional inspection and cleaning, they do not need any maintenance.



Residential properties benefit from all in one solar street lights with motion sensors as they beautify the property and generate a sense of safety in the residents and passers-by.  Operation of solar street lights is uninterrupted by any power outages in the main building since they are not connected to any grid and the lights can continue to brighten the property when the neighbourhood is unilluminated.  Areas or corners where grid electricity is not an option can make use of these solar street lights.

All in one solar street lights with motion sensors are priced well within an affordable range.  Solar energy is free renewable energy that is available in abundance for everyone; therefore, it is only reasonable to make solar lights accessible for all.  All in one solar street lights with motion sensors have gained popularity due to their cost effectiveness and energy efficiency.  These lights are the ideal choice for areas where people and vehicle movement is relatively lesser at night.