Solar Powered Lights For Gates

Gates and boundary walls are usually installed for protection of the property and people from unwanted entrants. Gate and compound wall designs are now a part of home designing and help to enhance the looks of the building. Boundary walls and gates are used to define the area of the property and help in securing the privacy of your home. The outer walls and gates are used to elevate the overall style of the frontage of the property.

gate light

Nowadays, a lot of planning and money are invested in building and installing gates and it may cost a lot to maintain and repair them in case of damages. It is important to take all necessary actions to keep vehicles off of your gates to avoid expensive damage to gates and cars as well. Placing light fixtures on and around the entrance gates and walls is therefore very important to signal to drivers and to safeguard your property from miscreants.

Illuminating your gates for aesthetic or safety reasons can also work as an architectural element to your entrance. While brightening up your home, gate lights and pillar lights display your personal style and attract the attention of many. Good outdoor lighting also helps prevent accidents and falls and there are many sleek designs available in the market now. Entrance lights are being used to light up commercial buildings and parks too.

Installation of conventional gate lights is time consuming and safety measures are to be taken as these lights have to be connected to the house wiring or a separate electric post needs to be positioned exclusively for connecting the exterior lights. The lights are typically connected through underground cables and this can become unsafe and dangerous during the rains. There is also the risk of electric shock if the wires are damaged while digging the garden, which can cause life-threatening injuries.

Solar gate lights

solar street light

Solar gate lights are an excellent alternate choice of outdoor lighting that come in eye-catching designs. These lights have in-built solar panel to absorb solar energy and the solar cells on the panel convert this energy into electrical energy which is stored in the in-built battery. Solar gate lights detect darkness and switch on automatically and switch off in the morning. The LEDs give enhanced brightness for your gates and consume very low power.

When there is a power outage and the street lights go off, solar gate lights will continue to shine ensuring safety and security to not just the property owners but also to the pedestrians. These energy-efficient lights are cost effective and help reduce your energy bills. Solar gate lights are durable and weatherproofed to withstand any kind of harsh climates. Once the lights are placed at a location where sufficient sunlight falls on the panels, they get charged fully and light up the area throughout the night.

Solar gate lights are very easy to install as there is absolutely no wiring or construction required and can also be fixed on any flat surface such as driveway pillars, wall posts and terrace boundaries. The lights can be effortlessly moved from one place to another if needed and do not require any manual intervention after installation. Solar gate lights are maintenance free and only simple cleaning is necessary to remove any dust from the solar panel so that maximum efficiency of the product is ensured.

Solar energy plays a huge role in reducing carbon footprint on earth and with advancing technology, more efficient solar products are being introduced into the market. Decorative home entrances offer a welcoming feeling and alluring solar gate light designs give a more appealing gate appearance. Solar gate lights can make heads turn and can also play a part in inspiring others to convert to solar energy in order to make their contribution towards a green and clean environment.