Solar Lights For Terrace Garden

A terrace garden is a garden that is set up on a roof, terrace or balcony, usually when there is limited space for gardening on the yard.  A rooftop garden is more popular in urban areas that lack a proper garden space.  A terrace garden is a marvelous way to grow ornamental plants and organic vegetables with ultimate utilization of a terrace space.  A terrace garden is accomplishable in your home or workspace to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your air quality. Installing solar-powered lights is an incredible way to revamp your terrace garden and to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the space.

European pathway light

A variety of decorative solar lights are available now to make the ambiance of your terrace area endearing and vibrant.  Terrace gardening does not have to be an expensive affair if solar-powered lighting units are installed instead of conventional lights.  After inspecting the hours of sunlight your terrace receives, if you place the solar lights in areas where they get maximum amount of sunlight, they can make your terrace garden glow all year round.  Solar garden light are wireless and therefore, they can be placed anywhere in the garden and can be moved from one place to another easily.

Solar garden lights can be pushed into the soil in the pots directly or can be bolted to the concrete flooring of the roof.  Solar garden fire burn LED light with lithium-ion battery creates a flickering flame effect that produces an idyllic atmosphere in the garden.  There is a wide range of solar spike lights with rechargeable Li-ion or nickel metal hydride battery that come in elegant designs.  If there are any pillar like structures on the roof, solar gate lights can also be installed on them.  If the terrace space is larger in size, solar floodlights are a good choice to offer illumination in a broad angle.


All in one solar street light with motion sensors come in an affordable price range and can be mounted on the walls of the roof.  Their beautiful and compact designs aid in hassle-free installation and they remain dim until there is some movement in the roof space.  They light up fully only when they detect any motion and this helps in saving energy and creating a more nuanced lighting texture for your terrace garden.  A well-illuminated terrace garden can increase outdoor activities at night and the homeowner can make use of the space for entertaining, dining and relaxing.  Even when there is a power cut in the building, the solar lights will continue to light up the roof garden.

Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energies and solar-powered lights reduce pollution and are environment friendly.  All the above mentioned solar lights have in-built solar panel, battery and LED light and do not take up much space on the roof.  Solar garden light do not produce any heat and hence they are safe around plants, pets and children.  These lights operate automatically and are waterproofed in order to avoid water intrusion and resist harsh climatic conditions.  Installation of these lights does not require any kind of professional assistance as they are plug-and-play garden lighting systems.