Solar lights for gated communities

Gated communities or walled communities are a modern form of residential communities that have a closed perimeter of walls and consist of residential streets and multiple houses. Gated communities usually have shared amenities such as power backups, club houses, swimming pools, play grounds, community halls, sports club, etc. and there are some premium community premises with cafes, spas, restaurants and clinics.

Many individuals prefer gated communities expecting to have a community life and considering the safety of themselves and their children. Apart from security staff guarding the entrance, there are associations for residents to take care of all functions of the community. One of the main reasons why many choose to live in a gated community is there is restricted access to pedestrians and through traffic, reducing accidents, theft and vandalism.

Gated communities need to be illuminated as residents come out of their houses after their office and school hours to use the amenities. Well-lit community spaces help the drivers of the passing vehicles to notice the children walking or playing on the pathways. In many gated communities, there are risks of electrocution if the electricity usages are kept openly accessible.

A tragic incident of a child being electrocuted at gated community after playfully grabbing an electric post and swinging around happened only recently. Therefore, it is crucial to enforce safety standards while installing any electrical equipment to avoid careless mistakes. Many residents’ associations carry out audits to check for correct wiring and insulation. Some prefer wall mount lighting instead of fixing them on iron poles and also insulating barriers around the pole are created to avoid people getting close to the poles.

Typically, the common expenses towards the gated community and its amenities are shared by the residents. Conventional exterior lights are an additional financial burden on people as they are high in energy consumption and there are ongoing operating costs in addition to the installation charges. If there is no backup system, power outages can disrupt the daily routine and can create an unsafe environment for the residents.

Consumption of nonrenewable energy has numerous downsides including its negative environmental impact. Lighting should be environmentally responsible and energy efficient while providing outstanding performance. Converting to solar energy as a community can be inspiring for individuals to switch to solar power to run their homes. Because they are wireless and there is no need to connect to a power grid, solar lights are easy to install.

Solar lights can save you money as there is no trenching or construction required for the installation. They are completely autonomous and their integrated designs come with in-built solar panel and battery. The lights automatically switch on at dusk and switch off at dawn, hence there is no need to have any human resources to manage operating logistics. The solar lights will continue working even if the seasons change and the panels are weatherproof and non-corrosive.

Solar street lights can be used to illuminate the swimming pools, pathways and driveways and can be mounted on a pole or a wall. All in one solar street lights have in-built motion sensor that detects movement and glows up to 100% brightness and dims down the brightness when no one is around, saving energy. This feature helps people who come back home at dusk as their surroundings illuminate without them having to struggle through darkness to reach their homes.

If the gated community has not much people movement overnight, integrated solar street lights can be installed which operate at full brightness for the first few hours and then dim down for the rest of the night. Solar gate lights, floodlights and spotlights can be used to light up the entrances, security booths, boards or any architectural features. Lawns and parks can be illuminated with the help of solar garden lights, string lights, fence lights, etc.

Power failures:

solar gate light

Power failures do not affect solar lights as they function solely on solar energy only and as long as the lights are exposed to direct sunlight to ensure sufficient charging, they can provide continuous lighting throughout the night to promote the safety of all the residents. Solar lights are environment friendly and are free of operational costs since they do not require any maintenance after installation.