Solar Lights For Apartment Balcony

A balcony is a must-have amenity for apartment dwellers and instead of just using this space to dry clothes, balconies can be turned into an outdoor treat for relaxing and entertaining.  A garden created in a relatively narrow space typically in an apartment or condo with restricted space is often called a balcony garden.  A limited yard space does not stop people from gardening and now many are transforming their balconies into functional garden spaces and vertical gardens help with maximum space utilization. 

A tastefully adorned apartment balcony can complement the home design and decor.  One can grow a wide variety of herbs and vegetables in apartment balcony and create your own small organic farm.  Home decor such as pillows, cushions, blankets, serving trays and furniture can also be used to decorate your balcony space.  If the balcony receives sufficient sunlight, DIY solar-powered lighting units are a great addition as they are easy to install and are inexpensive.

Without spending too much, you can make your balcony a fabulous exterior space and take maximum advantage of your beautiful patio to enjoy the view outside.  Your apartment balcony can glow all year round with strategic placement of solar lights.  Solar units being wireless make them very easy to be installed just anywhere in the balcony and they can be shifted from one place to another effortlessly.

Solar garden lights are small and elegant-looking lighting units of around 40 cm height that can be pushed into soil-filled pots or bolted to the concrete flooring of the balcony.  All in one solar street light with motion sensors can also be installed on balcony walls for better illumination.  There is no much heat produced from solar lights, making them safe around plants, pets and people.  A solar-powered balcony will continue to shine even when the apartment has a power failure.

Tapetum India Solar, one of the leading solar light distributors, has a great collection of solar lights that are perfect for small outdoor spaces.  The following list exemplifies a few of the best solar lights for apartment balconies:

Solar Garden Fire Burn LED Light

solar garden fire burn light

Solar garden LED light with 3.7 volts 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery has a burning fire effect that creates a blissful atmosphere in the balcony.  With 0.75-Watt solar panel and 0.5 Watt LED, this light offers 360-degree viewing angle and can be installed and maintained easily.

Solar European Pathway Light

european pathway light

With in-built 2 Volt solar panel, Nickel Metal Hydride 500 mAh battery and LED with an MCD of 15,000, this beautiful solar light is an excellent choice for apartment balconies.  When placed inside a plant pot that receives enough sunlight, this garden light can light up the balcony for 4 to 5 hours at night.

Solar Edison Garden Light  

Solar Edison Garden Light


This reasonably priced garden light can be pushed into the soft soil with the help of the stake at the base and has in-built 2-Volt solar panel, LED of 15,000 MCD and Nickel Metal Hydride battery of 900 mAh.  Once in a while, the light can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth to remove any dust.

Solar Vintage Garden Light

Solar Vintage Garden Light

This light can give approximately 6 hours of illumination.  Make sure you place this light at an angle where sunlight falls on the panel.  This beautifully-designed solar garden light consists of 0.3 W/2 Volt amorphous solar panel, 15,000 MCD LED light and Nickel Metal Hydride 600 mAh battery.

Solar Floodlight

solar flood light

If you use the outdoor area at night for entertaining or dining and requires plenty of artificial light, solar floodlights are the right choice for big balconies.  With 6-Watt solar panel, 12 Watt LED and 3.2 Volts lithium-ion battery, this light with remote control can illuminate the balcony in a broad angle.

All in one solar street light 7 watt

solar street light 7 watt

Even though this is a street light, this relatively lightweight all in one solar light can be installed on balcony walls.  This cost-effective light with motion sensor has 6-Watt solar panel, 7-Watt LED with 1120 Lumens and 3.2 volts 10 AH LiFePO4 battery.

All in one solar street light 10 watt

solar street light 10 watt owl

This motion sensor solar light has in-built 10-Watt Solar Panel, 10-Watt LED with 1500 Lumens and 3.2 volts 18 AH LiFePO4 battery.  All in one solar street lights must be installed at a height and they operate from dusk to dawn with brightness adjustment by sensing movement.