Solar lighting for parks

Parks, walking paths and green ways are constructed with the purpose of creating healthy community spaces for families and social groups of all ages, abilities and economic status. Parks with play areas and recreation programs motivate children and adults to exercise and exposure to nature promotes emotional, psychological and social well being. A sense of belonging can be created when people meet each other at a safe public area regularly. Parks offer peaceful spaces for people to get away from their busy schedule and relax while enjoying rustling of trees and chirping of birds.

solar lights for parks

Evenly and strategically placed lighting in parks allows daytime activities to extend into later hours. The perception of safety can be increased when more people engage in recreational activities like sports, jogging or cookouts without the fear of crime at night. Lighting is an integral part of the landscape architecture and is aimed at creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere after the sun is set. Well-lit parks can also enhance the ambiance of the layout and unique visual experience can be created with the right type of lighting.

Parks are necessary in urban areas and are an essential part of modern life. Lighting plays a critical part in welcoming people to the park for after-dark community activities and can also boost tourism and economic development. Poorly-lit and deserted parks may increase vandalism and crime. There are multiple outdoor lights available for welcoming spots and to highlight a garden feature. Post top lights, bollard lights and recessed lights are a few of the patterns that are typically used in parks.

Conventional outdoor lights for parks:

conventional lights for parks

Conventional outdoor lights are high in energy consumption and can be a burden on municipal budgets. Along with installation and ongoing operating costs, there will be expenses towards repairs in case of damages. Power outages can bring the whole park area into complete darkness and can be minacious to joggers and walkers. Underground conduits and wiring used for the installation of these lights can be destructed while digging trenches or by damages caused by rodents, floods or vandalism.

Most times, the lights used for exterior illumination have manual control which requires designated personnel to switch on and switch off the lights, which is an additional expense for the authorities. It goes without saying that consumption of nonrenewable energy can cause social, economical and more importantly environmental problems. Since parks are created with the aim of protecting biodiversity and to encourage young generation to love and preserve nature, it is important to turn to renewable energy for illuminating parks.

Solar lights for parks:

Solar energy is the most popular choice of renewable energy as the solar cells used in the lights convert sunlight into electricity which helps to light up the luminary. Energy-efficient solar-powered lights are the perfect fit for parks and play areas. As long as the lights are placed at the right location for the solar panels to receive maximum sunlight throughout the day, they can light up the area from dusk till dawn.

For a park to function effectively after sunset, dark turnings and corners must be avoided to ensure safety. There is a wide array of environment-friendly and cost-effective solar outdoor lights available and though the upfront cost may seem large, the lights can save money in the long run. Ongoing electrical costs can be avoided as the lights operate solely on free and clean solar energy. Construction costs can be saved as there is no need to dig or back fill since the lights are not grid powered.

solar garden lights

Solar Garden Lights for park

The installation process is very simple and requires very less manual labor to fix the lights. Since there is no wiring required to connect the lights, there is no threat of interdisciplinary weakness. Solar floodlights and spotlights can be used for facade lighting and to illuminate beautiful architectural and garden features within the park. With appropriate planning, solar gate lights, garden lights, string lights, pathway lights, fence lights, or lanterns can be installed at suitable locations.

solar lights for park

Solar Street Lights for parks.

Solar Street Lights can be mounted on a pole or a wall to cover a wider space. Large energy saving is possible with motion sensors since they glow up after detecting motion and dim down when there is no movement around. Since the people movement in parks is lesser after certain hours, solar street lights with intelligent light controls work the best for parks as they operate in full brightness for the first few hours and then later at a lower level until sunrise.

Solar lights require very minimal maintenance and only basic cleaning is needed once in a while to increase the efficiency and brightness of the lights. Since the lights automatically switch on and switch off, there is no need to appoint any employee to do that job, thereby saving operational costs. With adequately illuminated public spaces, individuals do not have to hesitate to take a stroll even during dark hours. Vibrant and well-lit parks are more appealing and inviting while improving safety and livability of communities.