Solar Garden Lights Price

Solar garden lights are being used to uplift the aesthetics of a property while saving energy and reducing your ecological footprints.  If you want to do your bit about the environment, installing solar lighting systems is one of the best ways to save electricity and money.  Tapetum Solar is home to a variety of solar garden lights that can be installed without any trenching or wiring and are affordable to all.

Solar Garden Fire Burn LED Light

Solar European Pearl Garden Light

This is a decorative all in one solar light with artificial flickering flame effect and consists of 0.75-Watt solar panel, 0.5 Watt LED with 50 Lumens and 3.7 volts 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery.  This can be a beautiful addition to your yard as well as balconies and patios and are priced fairly at Rs. 2,999.

Solar European Pathway Light

European pathway light

This wireless solar-powered all in one spike light has in-built 2 Volt solar panel and Nickel Metal Hydride 500 mAh battery.  The LED has a 360-degree viewing angle and MCD of 15,000.  These budget pathway lights cost around Rs. 1600 for a pack of two lights.

Solar Edison Garden Light

Solar European Pearl Garden Light

This stylishly-designed all in one garden light consists of 2 Volt solar panel, LED of 15,000 MCD and Nickel Metal Hydride battery of 900 mAh.  Priced at Rs. 1,699 for a pack of two, these spike lights are accessible to all and are designed to suit all types of climates.

Solar Vintage Garden Light

As the name suggests, this all in one spike light is pleasing to look at and has 0.3 W/2 Volt amorphous solar panel, 15,000 MCD LED and Nickel Metal Hydride 600 mAh battery.  This beautiful solar garden light is priced very reasonably around Rs. 1,800 for a pack of two lights.

Solar Garden Floodlight

Solar Flood Light

This fancy light aids in illuminating a larger outdoor space in a broad angle and gives out ample amount of artificial light at night.  It has 6-Watt solar panel, 12 Watt LED and 3.2 volts lithium-ion battery.  Priced at approximately Rs. 8,999, this light comes with a remote control for brightness adjustment and is rotatable to adjust the angle.

All the above solar lights are waterproofed and the housing is made up of durable ABS and metal. The installation can be completed by anyone without professional support and one can just remove it from the box and secure it to the ground. Most of the lights can be pushed into the soft soil and some of the garden lights can be bolted to the concrete flooring of the garden. Since the lights are wireless, they can be easily transferred from one location to another.

Solar garden lights are self-sufficient as they operate automatically and switch on and off sensing sunlight and require no manual assistances at all for their operation. Aside from some basic cleaning to remove dust or debris from the light fixture, solar garden lights need no maintenance or any special attention. These lights can be used in small and large garden spaces alike and their cost effectiveness makes it accessible to all.