Self sustainable urban gardening

The practice of growing and cultivating plants in a planned space is a passion for many. While some are interested in collecting decorative plants, many are turning their yards into organic farms for producing healthy vegetables and fruits. Organic farming is very much talked about as people are becoming more and more aware about the environment. Urban homes with no yard space have started turning their terraces and balconies into gardens. With increasing understanding about challenges that global warming portends, people are trying to reconnect with nature. A well-lit garden is the perfect choice for night parties and social gatherings and the curb appeal and value of the property could be increased if the garden is well maintained.

organic garden

A water feature in the garden helps to cancel out noise pollution and can attract birds and insects as the presence of water creates a beautiful environment all year around. Garden lighting helps to build interest and gives a sense of safety and security to a garden at night. Adding light and water features can enhance the beauty of your garden and make them seem lush and spacious. However, running water pumps, fountains and illuminating the garden using grid electricity can increase the electricity use and add to your carbon footprint. There is also the vulnerability of not remembering where the connection boxes, cables and pipes are situated and one might dig up or cut the cables while using gardening tools.

Sustainable and affordable outdoor decoration

solar garden

Gardening does not need to be an expensive venture if self sustaining garden processes are practiced. The idea of illuminating outdoors using solar energy has become widely popular these days. Solar-powered garden equipment and lights help to attain complete self-sustainable gardens where solar energy is used to power pumps, ornamental lights and fountains. Pathway lighting, accent lighting, and security lighting help to enjoy the garden during the night and a huge range of decorative and stylish lights are available now in the market.

solar spike garden light

Compared to conventional lighting system, the LED lamps used in solar garden lights offer a greater lifespan. Solar garden lights do not use any wiring and therefore, they are safe to use even around water features in the garden. If there is power outage in the building, solar garden lights are self sufficient to provide enough lighting for the entire compound. Solar garden lights are very easy to install and do not require any manual intervention after installation. Solar powered lighting and ornaments can be easily moved from one location to another within the garden without the need for an electrician to rewire them since they are not connected with wires.

solar garden spike lights

The solar garden lights are required to get enough direct sunlight so that they can continuously light up during the night. Solar powered lighting is cost effective and the usage is very simple as they switch on and switch off automatically. Solar garden lights are designed to suit all weather conditions and are water resistant. These lights are usually compact and elegantly designed, so they do not take up much space in the garden.

Solar garden lights can be placed close a particular garden feature if it requires illumination and enhancement. As long as the placement of the lights do not present an obstacle and the position of the lights is clearly visible so as to avoid accidents, solar garden lights can give safe and clean illumination overnight. Solar street lights and flashlights are also being used to light up private garden spaces that are large in size. Solar garden lights come in a variety of designs and shapes with in-built rechargeable batteries and can be placed in corners that lack a reliable power supply.

solar pathway lights

While some garden lights have practical uses such as helping you to see in the dark, others are used to create ambiance or to highlight a garden feature. Ballard lights, spike lights, string lights, fire burn lights, fence lights, lanterns and wall lights are a few solar garden light options to choose from. Since the installation is very simple and does not require any cabling, solar garden lights can be fixed to the soil directly or bolted to concrete flooring.

Solar water pumps

solar water pump

To add sound and glamour to the garden, a solar-powered water feature like a pond or pool can be included into your yard space. Connecting it with a solar pump can reduce the water use significantly and lower the carbon footprint of the lawn. Since solar pumps provide their own electricity, they can be operated without increasing the utility bills. With the help of a battery backup system, the operation of solar water pumps can be automated using timers which can assist in switching on the sprinklers or fountains at a timing that you choose.

Incorporating water features is a great way to create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere and adding a fountain or a stream has sound reduction benefits too. Pairing water features with solar lights beautifies the garden and there are water-safe solar spotlights available that can be submerged in the pond. Waterproof floating globe lights as well as lily lights are also used to illuminate the entire pond and are the perfect choice of decoration during get-together's.

Solar garden lights can be empowering to gardens and farms in rural areas too as they provide sustainable and economical lighting solution. Areas that lack conventional electric grid can benefit from this outdoor lighting system to ensure safety and security to the residents. Solar garden lights and pumps require very less maintenance. A good rain is more than enough to take care of the cleaning of these units; however, occasional inspection will help identify any damage and resolve the issues in a timely manner.

Installation of solar pumps and lights must be planned carefully and strategically. Only if the panels receive adequate sunlight during the most part of the day, the lights and water pumps can give maximum backup throughout the night. It is also important to prune any surrounding shrubs and branches to ensure the panels have ample amount of sun exposure. Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source and our country has close to 300 sunny days per year, hence it is only intelligent to utilize this to your benefit and convert your garden space into a sustainable and cost effective one.