More Information About Solar Street Light - Question and Answers

What is semi integrated solar street light or two in one solar street light?

solar street light 15 watt moon light

Integrated solar street lights are also known as semi integrated solar street lights, split solar street lights or all in two solar street lights. Unlike all in one solar street lights where all the components are integrated into one unit, integrated solar street lights have solar panels as a separate unit and only battery and luminary are integrated into a single unit. While one type of the integrated solar street lights operate from dusk to dawn continuously at full brightness, others work at full brightness for the first few hours and then at a lower level until sunrise.

How to make solar street light?

A solar street light is made up of a solar panel, a battery, a charge controller and a light source. Each controller is programmed to work with a certain watt LED and solar panel with a compatible battery amp hour (AH). Once the controller is selected, you can choose the solar panel, LED and battery that suit the particular charge controller.

How to connect solar street light?

All in one solar street lights are very easy to install as they come as a single unit and there is nothing to connect whether they are switch operated or automatic; however, to install integrated solar street lights, the solar panels need to be connected to the luminary unit with the cables given.

Why do we need solar street lights?

There are unending benefits associated with automatic solar street lights. Solar street lights are hassle free and can be used in public and private spaces and solar street lights can be deployed in remote areas where there is less access to grid power. While operating solely on solar energy and thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions, solar street lights save a lot of money on operational, installation and maintenance costs. Solar street lights can provide continuous illumination even during power outages and natural disasters unlike traditional street lights. Solar street lights with motion sensors can also be used as security lights.

What is the cost of solar street lights?

Integrated solar street lights are priced at a higher range and all in one solar street lights are more rationally priced. Cost of solar street lights depends on the quality of the components used, the wattage and the type of solar street light.

Working principle or functionalities of solar street light

The principle of photovoltaic effect explains how the solar panels absorb sunlight and convert this energy into usable electrical current. This direct current is then stored in the batteries via a charge controller for later use. The conversion process stops when darkness is sensed and the solar street lamp draws the energy from the battery and illuminates the LED.

Solar lights for terrace garden

If the terrace garden receives direct sunlight, solar street lights and solar garden light can be placed for illumination as well as to highlight your garden features. Solar street lights can be fixed on the walls of the terrace and solar garden lights can either be bolted to any concrete surface or placed inside any-mud filled pot. The fact that solar lights are automatic and wireless makes them a convenient lighting option for terrace or balcony gardens.

Do solar lights need sun or just daylight?

Solar panels continue to work even on non-sunny days and convert the available sunlight into electricity to run the lights. The sun does not stop shining completely on cloudy days but generation of electricity can be significantly lesser on those days. Modern solar street lights use lithium ion or LiFePO4 batteries with 3.7 or 3.2 volt so the solar panels do not have to generate a lot of current to charge these batteries. Direct sunlight can charge the batteries faster; however, even if it is just daylight, the batteries continue to charge although at a slower rate.

Where can I buy cheap solar lights?

Solar energy market is growing faster than ever and all the details about the well-established manufacturers and dealers are available on the internet now. Once you compare prices of various brands and specifications of each solar light, it is recommended to acquire details of a local dealer to learn more about the solar lights you want. The most economic options available in the market now are all in one solar street lights with motion sensors that come in 7, 10, 15 and 20 watts.

What are the 2 main disadvantages to solar energy?

  • Although there are many long-term benefits to solar energy, the initial investment is fairly high. The cost of a solar light system may vary depending on the wattage and quality of the components.
  • Solar energy is also weather dependent and the location of installation can affect the performance of the solar lights. Solar lights need direct sunlight to give out their best and their efficiency can drop slightly during cloudy and rainy days.

How do solar lights turn on at night?

There are photoreceptors on the solar lamps which are capable of sensing darkness and when the solar cells stop converting solar energy into electric energy. The lamps draw the stored energy from the battery and illuminate the LED at dusk and at daybreak, the photoreceptors shut off the light automatically sensing sunlight.

Do solar lights stay on all night?

Solar-powered lights are designed to function throughout the night; however, the brightness of the light and hours of operation depend on the intensity of sunlight they receive during the day. If the area of installation receives enough direct sunlight for the panels to charge throughout the day, the lights can stay on all night. The performance of the lights also depends on the wattage of the solar panels and the LED used.

How many lumens does a street light have?

Depending on the LED used in the particular solar street light, the lumens may vary. Typically, solar street lights have 160 lumen per watt on an average.

Does rain ruin solar lights?

Solar lights are designed for all temperatures and are built to last. They are housed inside durable, weatherproof and rustproof metal and plastic material. IP65 waterproofing is used to protect the solar lights and to withstand all kinds of harsh climatic conditions.