Maintenance of Solar Lights


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One of the biggest reasons why solar energy usage is hassle free and cost effective is their low maintenance. Solar-powered lights function automatically and do not demand any type of manual intervention once they are installed. Even though solar lights usually are low maintenance products compared to conventional lights, proper maintenance can help extend their lifespan and efficiency.

Maintenance Of Solar Panel:

Why should We Clean : Solar Panels lose efficiency when there is blocking of sunlight due to dirt, debris, snow and even bird droppings. How often should we clean: There are no rules as such. However, if the panels are used in areas where there is a lot of dust, the solar panel has to be cleaned once in 6 months to ensure product charges efficiently. How to Clean: Easily cleaned using water. Spray water on panel to remove all the dust and dirt. Soft clothes also can be used to remove dust. Be very careful while cleaning to avoid scratches on panel. If properly maintained, solar panels can have a lifespan of around 25 to 30 years.

Maintenance Of Battery:Lithium ion or LiFePO4 batteries used in modern solar street lights have a longer operating life and are energy efficient. The basic rule to extend the life of your batteries is to not turn them off and not keep them idle. That is because the battery can completely discharge if kept inside for longer duration. Efficiency of a battery is more when they are regularly charged and discharged. Unlike the lead acid batteries used in traditional solar lights, lithium batteries do not demand any maintenance and can last for almost 5 to 7 years.

Maintenance Of LED and Other Parts :LED has lifespan of 50,000 hours and may endure lumen depreciation after that. Instead of burning out, brightness of LED lights gradually dims down and once this reaches a certain point, we should replace them after that. If there is any problem with the charge controller, check for warranty period and get it replaced. If not in warranty period, we should only bear the cost. The luminaire can also be cleaned once in a while for better light output.

Solar lights do not have any movable parts and this is why they need very little maintenance. Solar-powered lights use only very minimal wiring and are not connected to any power gird and therefore, they are less vulnerable to connection issues. All the components used in solar lights have a long lifespan and this reduces the demand for any further maintenance and care after their installation.

Solar lights are designed to be self-sufficient and are protected with IP65 waterproofing to withstand harsh climatic conditions. A good rain usually is sufficient to take care of the cleaning; however, any debris can be removed from the panels or other components with the help of a damp washcloth or paper towel. Any harsh detergent must be avoided and using a garden hose, the solar lights can be cleaned easily.

There may be incidents where due to wildlife, vandalism or harsh weather, the wires and conduit can be damaged. You may inspect your solar lights on an occasional basis and check for any wires or parts that may need replacement or repair. It is important to clean your solar lights on a cool day as the panels get hot under direct sunlight.

Solar street light work from dusk to dawn without any manual assistance and do not require much maintenance. However, for better efficiency of the solar street light, it is better to keep the solar panels clean. Solar street lights with motion sensors and dimming options help to reduce energy consumption and enhance the product life. Always purchase your solar lights from a premium quality brand that meets top-quality standards.