Maintenance of Solar Lights

Solar lights usually are low maintenance products compared to conventional lights. Proper maintenance can help extend their lifespan and efficiency.

Maintenance Of Solar Panel:

Why should We Clean : Solar Panels lose efficiency when there is blocking of sunlight due to dirt, debris, snow and even bird droppings. How often should we Clean : There is no rules as such . However , if the panels are used in areas where there is lot of dust, the solar panel has to be cleaned once in 6 months to ensure product charges efficiently. How to Clean : Easily cleaned using water. Spray water on panel to remove all the dust and dirt. Soft cloths also can be used to remove dust. Be very careful while cleaning ,so that there is no scratch on panel.

Maintenance Of Battery :

Solar Lights should not be turned off and kept inside. That is because , battery can completely discharge if kept for longer duration. Efficiency of battery is more when there is regularly charge and discharge.

Maintenance Of LED and Other Parts :

LED has lifespan of 50000 hours. We should replace it after that. If there is any problem with the charge controller, check for warranty period and get if replaced. Not in warranty period , we should only bear the cost.