KSEB received 15 thousand applications for solar rooftop power units

Kerala State Electricity board (KSEB)-the state power utility has received over 15,000 applications from individuals, organizations and Government departments to set up solar rooftop grid connected power units. This figure was beyond the expectations as KSEB had set a target to generate 200 MW solar power for phase one of the program. As per the interest expressed by the individuals and government departments, over 200 MW of small scale solar power units would be set up by 2019.

KSEB is making a big foray into solar power generation. Our target is to establish in-house solar power generation capacity worth 1,000MW by 2021. This is against the statutory obligations of 700 MW for the period. KSEB is offering several flexible solar power generation schemes suitable for everyone, said KSEB CMD NS Pillai.

Board officials said The interest evinced by government departments alone had surpassed the initial 200 MW mark the board had set. KSEB has two options: Either the owner can set up the plant with his/her own capital and sell power to the board. If the building owner is not interested in spending funds, KSEB will set up the plant and share 10% of the power generated from the plant with the owner.

KSEB has a rooftop solar project of 500 MW in total over a period of time. The cost of setting up a rooftop solar unit would be around 45,000-50,000 INR. And the solar units are expected to last for a minimum of 25 years.

In the meantime, KSEB has also received applications from persons/firms interested in linking an agreement to set solar rooftop power units.

This initiative is considered as a decentralized one, proposes investors with land to set up solar generating units of 1 MW and sell the power to the board for 25 long years.

We had held a meeting with people interested in such a project and over 100 person participated. Considering the enhanced efficiency of solar panels, power can be generated by harvesting panels across 3.4-4 acres. We hope this would also materialize without much difficulty, said KSEB officials.