Is Solar Power Worth It Where You Live?

The argument for solar energy in private homes has always been pretty simple.  It saves you money by reducing or eliminating your electric bill, it helps humanity by cutting down on fossil fuels that pollute our planet and it dramatically increases the value of your home by offering the benefits listed above to any potential buyers.  But at the end of the day, you still have to crunch the numbers and ask yourself, is solar power worth it where I live?

solar street light 15 watt

Until recently, it was hard to justify the upfront expense of installing solar equipment; however, fortunately, that is not the case anymore.  Over the past 10 years, the average cost of installing solar energy systems has dropped by a whopping 70 percent.  The question is no longer how much money can you save by going solar, but rather how much money do you stand to lose if you do not.  Of course, when it comes to solar energy, most consumers do not even know where to begin.  One solution is to seek guidance from a third-party solar energy advocate to know:

How solar energy systems work

How you save money with net metering

How much solar panels cost and how long they last

Extensive reviews of all the latest solar tech

Overviews of available financing and leasing options

Tutorials on legal and financial incentives offered by the government including subsidies and tax credits

Factors like current energy use and potential energy upgrades need to be looked into before powering your property with solar energy.  To determine if a location is suitable for solar electricity, there are mapping services and similar tools available to measure the amount of power generated by solar energy in a certain area.  Homeowners are encouraged to review their current utility bills and to calculate their annual energy usage.  It is always advisable to have a general understanding of how solar energy systems function, the types of solar units available, the components used and the overall life of each component.

Once you are fully informed, the next step is to get a personalized assessment of all your options and get in touch with top-rated installers in your area who can help you arrange in-home estimates so you have as many options to choose from as possible.
All solar-powered lights give out their best when they are placed under direct sunlight and therefore, it is important to assess the shading in the area while planning the location of installation. Based on your resources and requirements, the installers/dealers can help you determine the solar system’s efficiency according to the sunlight accessible at the site and also ensure appropriate positioning of your solar unit to maximize the energy produced. The installers can also educate you regarding loans and government subsidies available.

solar street light 20 watt nightjar

To light up an outdoor space, there are multiple solar light options available in the market now.  Solar street light are being used not only to light up highways or streets but also to illuminate private spaces.  There are a variety of specifications and the lights can be effortlessly installed on lamp posts or walls.  With motion sensors and dimming options, they have longer operating hours and are very easy to maintain.  There is a diverse range of solar-powered garden lights also available which can be installed without any professional help and are normally used as security lights or decorative lights.

Shifting to solar energy is an intelligent economic and environment choice.  Solar panels have an industry-standard warranty of 20 to 25 years and one must always purchase their quality solar products from a licensed professional.  The solar unit must be installed only by a qualified installer except DIY units like garden lights or all in one solar street lights.  By embracing the new age of solar energy, you will be motivating a lot more people to switch to affordable and unlimited energy for a clean and green environment.