Intelligent sensor Solar Lights

Intelligent sensors are used in solar lights to manage batteries. These sensors are configured to give desired output and ensure power is distributed over night. Sensors which takes actions depending on the battery status is often referred as Intelligent sensor.

Example Of Intelligent sensor Solar Lights:

Solar Street Light with 15 Watt has battery capacity of 100 watt hours. It has to work full night(11 Hours). In order to work 11 hours it needs 165 watt hours. If we use the battery with 165 watts hours, cost of the Solar Street light will increase. Hence, Intelligent sensor are used . What it does is , it runs with 100% brightness for first four hours. This is the time when people movement is more. Rest of the night it turns to intelligent control mode and gives output depending on battery status. It means, if the battery is 60% after first four hours of usage , Sensors detects it and changes the brightness to ensure it works whole night i.e rest 7 hours.