Installation of Solar Lights

Several factors should be considered while installing solar lights. Most important things is whether direct sunlight is falling on solar panel. Do it on your own : Standalone solar lights can be installed on your own. One doesn't need much knowledge as it is plug and play system. Direction of solar panel: India lies in northern hemisphere. Sun moves from East to West from southern portion. Below picture has illustration of the same. Hence, if the direction of solar panel is facing North to South and tilted towards true south, it gets more sunlight. This does not mean solar panel will not work in other direction. But the charging efficiency will be lesser. [caption id="attachment_622" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Solar Panel Direct for Sun movement Solar Panel Direct for Sun movement[/caption]

Installation Height:

Height depends on the wattage of solar light. In order it to be visible light (Lux) installing light at proper height matters. Below table gives us the better picture.
Wattage Height
1 - 2 Watt 1 - 1.5 Meters
2 - 5 Watt 2 - 4 Meters
5 - 10 Watt 4 - 5 Meters
10 -30 Watt 4 -7 Meters
30 - Watt + 6 -8 Meters
  Area Coverage ( distance) : Wattage , angle of the installation and height is what will derive the area coverage. This topic is discussed detail the blog Area Coverage of Solar Lights.

Things to Consider will Installation Solar Lights :

  • Height of the Light as mentioned in Installation Height section above.
  • Solar Lights should be installed in open area were there is enough sunlight.
  • For Solar Street Lights and Flood Lights : Size of Pole as per specification. Normally it is 60 MM diameter.
Example Video of Solar Street Lights Installation. Solar