Indian Railways plan to setup solar plants on its vacant land

Queensland is leading the way in solar with one local business seeing a rapid raise in the uptake. The industry recently achieved a milestone, with the number of households utilizing solar reaching 2 million nationwide.

Tim Hourigan, from Stanthrope-based Solar Blessing, said it had been a bust year for them.

"Certainly from our side of things we've seen an increase in the uptake of solar," Mr Hourigan said.

"We're getting a lot more inquiries as well for batteries, obviously with the Queensland scheme.

"We've had a really good year this year and it continues to grow."

Despite changes to the rebate scheme, people are undeterred.

"At the moment the cost of systems is still coming down.

"Electricity prices keep going up so those who can afford to do it still see a sound financial investment, especially commercial businesses.

"Solar is not going anywhere that's for sure," Mr Hourigan said.

The Chief Executive of Clean Energy Council Mr. Kane Thornton said homes which have rooftop solar installed were saving on average about %540 per year on their electricity bills.

"Solar is a clear way for consumers to take control of their power consumption and cut costs."

Queensland continues to be in the top in the nation in rooftop solar, with four of the nations top five solar postcodes, one being Toowoomba, from the Sunshine State.

"An average of six panels per minute are being installed in Australia, with the Australian Energy Market Operator estimating an average of 10-20 panels per minute if large-scale solar projects are factored in."