Purchasing solar street lights is a substantial decision and can be very tricky if you are unaware of what to expect. It is of utmost importance to do your homework and discuss with professionals so that they can guide you in choosing the best. Although solar street lights are priced at a higher range compared to traditional lights, you would realize over time how efficient the solar lights are in saving energy as well as money. Solar street lights and their components are manufactured by a lot of companies and you must choose the best company and the best lights that will give long-term benefits.

Type of solar street lights

two types of solar street lights

The main two types of solar street lights are All In One solar street lights and Integrated solar street lights. Both these lights are unique in appearance and function. While All-in-One solar street lights have energy-saving motion sensors promising safety and security, integrated lights charge faster with relatively bigger solar panels and operate with a dimming option which helps in saving energy. On days with less sunlight to power the panels, these options will help the lights to continue illuminating your property. Depending on your requirement and the chosen location for the lights, you may select from the different models available in the market now.

Solar panels

mono and poly crystalline solar panels

Solar panels gather energy from the sun and convert that into electricity. Made of pure silicon cells, mono-crystalline solar panels generate higher efficiency; however, poly-crystalline solar panels are typically and commonly used due to their affordability. You may need to understand the voltage of the panels to decipher the efficiency of the panels. Solar panels are made out of durable waterproof materials. You need to decide whether you want to install the lights on a pole or a wall. You can also hire a professional to survey your area. No separate installation for solar panels is needed but the panels should be placed at an angle where maximum direct sunlight is available.

Battery type

type of batteries

Having a strong and reliable battery will help the solar light system last for many years. The batteries used in solar street lights can vary in size, type and longevity. The battery’s features and total number of batteries used should be discussed with the dealer. Lithium batteries are commonly used due to their longer lifespan than lead acid batteries. Lithium batteries are also known for their strong resistance to temperature and since they are lightweight and compact, lithium batteries are the perfect choice for solar street lights. During winter or rainy season, a good battery backup can help in lighting up your solar street lights.

Warranty and Reviews

It is the customer’s right to be informed about the warranty the manufacturer is offering. Always discuss with your dealer about the warranty of the solar street light and its components. Usually a warranty period of 20 to 25 years is considered good for a reliable solar panel. It also helps to read the reviews about the products. Feedback from the previous customers who have used the lights will assist you in evaluating the product. Also check with your dealer whether the customer service is prompt and professional in answering your queries.


It is essential to check the credentials of the manufacturer and the dealer. A certified solar panel will have all the required specifications. It is mandatory that the components of solar street light system are tested and certified in an independent laboratory. Having a look at the certifications would help you to decide the product efficiency and its level of performance.

Compare prices

To determine the quality of the solar street lights, it is important to compare prices from different manufacturers. You should be careful not to fall prey in the hands of people selling low-priced products. The good quality components usually are priced at a higher rate. If you settle for cheap panels or batteries, you might end up spending more in the future. You may take the help of professionals and go over the specifications before making your decision.

You should also consider the light source, controller and material used for lighting fixture to understand the durability and reliability of the solar street light system. There could be some installation charges depending on the number of lights to be installed. The solar street lights do not need any technical or manual interventions every now and then so you do not need to spend anything towards maintenance cost. Depending on your requirement, whether it is for decoration or path lighting, you may choose from the variety of solar street lights available now.

You may check the wattage and lumens of each fixture and select the solar street lights according to your needs. Explore your options with the dealer and find out about the total operating hours of solar street lights before you make the purchase. With the basic understanding about the function and specifications of a solar street light system, you are never to go wrong in your decision to shift to solar lighting systems.