Give Me 10 Minutes, I’ll Give You 3 Truths about Solar Lighting

Solar lights have become a popular option amongst many people. However, even today some people prefer it and some do not. There are many advantages and disadvantages associated with these lights but the main purpose behind using of these often gets lost. In this blog let us know few truths behind the solar lighting.

Truth – You want a green option, but can justify the costs

We can’t deny the truth that solar lights are costlier than regular lights. However, this cost will be covered over the years because it will lessen the burden of electric bill and a very limited maintenance costs for the next 25 years. As the costs of non-renewable sources of energy are growing and lowering the resources of these forms of energy, solar power is a great option which can easily justify the costs.

Truth – What do you do when there is no power nearby?

Solar Lighting can come to your rescue when there is no power nearby.  Trenching in electrical wires becomes too costly and above that if any damage is caused that expense also needs to be taken care off. So, considering all such situations solar lighting systems have been found to be convenient. This all in one system can illuminate an entire area even when there is no electricity around the place. It does not require trenching or wiring and can be installed on one single pole without intervene of other lights.

Truths- I already have electric but, want to use solar lights instead.

If we are already using grid electricity, then using of solar lights will not really help in saving money. Instead it will incur more expense than initially expected. The payoff or ROI will be long around 10 years or more when electricity already exists in that home.

So, instead we can do a couple of things without going off the grid. First, we can switch to LED fixtures in order to lower the energy consumption. In place of replacing the old style 400 Watt MH to 300 Watt light, it is better to use a 100 Watt fixture with the correct level of lighting.

We can also switch to grid tied solar lighting systems that can feed the grid during the day and then the lights draw from the grid at night. Another way we can use where the grid and solar lighting can work together is by using a battery backup system to charge the batteries.

Above mentioned are some of the ways where blackouts can be prevented and we won’t have to stay in the dark anymore.

Solar Lighting is a great substitute to standard electric power. But we should deal with an experienced solar manufacturing company to make sure we get all the required information and value for our money before finally investing.