Everything you need to know about dusk-to-dawn flood lights

Dusk to Dawn lights are a type of flood light that uses built in photocell which can switch light on when darkness falls and when the sunrises it will switch itself off. These type of lights uses a lux setting that allows it to determine how dark it should be to get activated. Some lights even have the feature to control regular on/off manually. Using outdoor flood lights adds a sense of safety and security to our home or business premises. Locks and high quality alarm system is common and known to all of us but illuminating the house is also another great way of preventing criminals in an eco-friendly way. Illuminating the porch or yard during night time gives some type of peace that no one will dare to conduct any unwanted activities in and around the property. Outdoor flood lights are the first choice for most of the people due to their specifics like wide beam angle which illuminates wide areas and focuses on large objects. There are different types of flood lights available in the market and dusk-to-dawn is one type of outdoor flood light. In this blog we will see how these lights function and some tips to help you install the flood lights properly to get the most out of it. Flood lights are a source of artificial light which has a peculiarly wide light beam due to which it can illuminate a large area like football fields, parking lots, entrances of buildings, swimming pools, concert halls and even large-scale events like sports games, outdoor concerts, theatre plays etc. any other outdoor event. Since there is no other light that can light up a whole house or yard, flood lights have occupied the market and minds of private house owners to install these flood lights in front of their house. With the change of technology flood lights come equipped with different sensors that can be controlled as per ones requirement. Dusk-to-dawn sensor is one such feature which can turn off and on during particular hours of the day helping to save energy. This feature seems to be more reasonable and energy efficient rather than having your flood lights on all throughout the night as well as the day. Some people also like to go with the motion sensor as it will react to any movements happening around the house. You can even select one of the three given options- no sensor, motion sensor or dusk-to-dawn lighting as per the requirement.
Steps to be considered while installing a flood light:
As we have already seen the uses of dusk-to-dawn flood lights now, let us the steps to be included while installing one.
  1. Do not use too bright light: Using an extremely bright light might disturb the neighbours and even the passerby .This might not be convenient for other people so use LED lamps or HID lamps as it can provide lower light level without any glare.
  2. Locate the light in a proper angle: Try installing the flood light no less than 3m (10 feet)above the ground and make sure they are angled downwards.
Solar panel for being environment friendly:- You can even cut of your heavy electricity bills using solar panels to run your flood lights. In this way you will save the environment from harmful gases and even your money. Using of LED bulbs can also help in saving energy and minimizing your bills.