Easy To Maintain Solar Lights

One of the biggest perks of solar-powered lighting units is that they are very easy to maintain.  They operate purely on solar energy and switch off and switch on automatically by sensing sunrise and sundown.  The reason why solar lights do not demand much maintenance is because they do not have any movable parts.  They are not connected to any power grid and work as independent units.  Since solar lights are wireless, they are less susceptible to connection issues.

Although there is no need for routine maintenance, life of a solar light can be extended if maintained well.  With regular cleaning, inspection and servicing, you may support the performance and reliability of solar lights.  If your solar lighting unit is not performing the way it is expected to, ensure there is nothing blocking the sunlight from striking the solar panel or if the panel is covered in dust or dirt.  Solar lights are self-sufficient lighting units that demand very minimal repair work.

Solar lighting systems are waterproofed to resist harsh climatic conditions and the tilted angle of the panels avoids water stagnation.  As they are outdoor lights, they become dusty or muddy over time.  Typically, natural rainfall washes away most of the debris and loose dirt accumulated on the panels.  With the help of a damp washcloth or paper towel, the surface of the panel can be cleaned.  Instead of any harsh detergent, you may use warm water and a mild soap for a more thorough cleaning.

Solar garden lights and solar street light can also be cleaned by spraying water using a garden hose.  In order to receive maximum brightness from your solar lights, make sure they are placed in a shadow-free area and prune nearby tree branches and shrubs regularly.  Inspect the batteries for corrosion and replace if needed.  You must also check all the wires and connections and clean the globes and fixtures for damage.  One can also try adjusting the solar light position according to the direction of the sunlight.

Solar panels receive direct sunlight and remain hot throughout the day, so it is preferred to clean them on a cool day.  Most importantly, all solar lights must be purchased from a reputed brand that meets global quality standards.  It is essential to select solar lights that demand less maintenance especially if they are being installed in a private space.  Tapetum India Solar offers the best low-maintenance lights.  Following is a list of the best easy-to-maintain solar lights:

Solar Garden Fire Burn LED Light

solar fire burn light

This is a decorative light with flickering flame effect and has 0.75-Watt solar panel, 0.5-Watt LED with 50 Lumens and 3.7 volts 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery.  All the components are built in and can be effortlessly installed and maintained.

Solar European Pathway Light

European pathway light

With 2-Volt solar panel, NiMH 500 mAh battery and LED with an MCD of 15,000, this elegant-looking solar light has a 360-degree viewing angle.  It is reasonably priced and can be placed inside mud-filled pots.

Solar Edison Garden Light

solar edison garden light

This spike garden light can be easily pushed into the soft soil on the ground and can be cleaned easily.  The light has a 2-Volt solar panel, LED of 15,000 MCD and Nickel Metal Hydride battery of 900 mAh.

Solar Vintage Garden Light

Solar Vintage Garden Light

This classy solar light consists of 0.3 W/2 Volt amorphous solar panel, 15,000 MCD LED light and Nickel Metal Hydride 600 mAh battery.  The stake at the base helps the installation very easy and the light can be cleaned by anyone.

Solar Garden Fancy Floodlight

solar flood light

This is a perfect artificial lighting solution for areas where broad-angle illumination is required.  Solar floodlight has 6-Watt solar panel, 12 Watt LED and 3.2 Volts lithium-ion battery and can be cleaned with a soft brush or cloth.

7-watt all in one solar street light

solar street light 7 watt all in one

This all in one light has 6-Watt solar panel, 7-Watt LED light with 1120 Lumens and 3.2 volts 10 AH LiFePO4 battery.  The lighting unit with motion sensor is compact and relatively lightweight and cleaning is easier if installed on walls.

10-watt all in one solar street light

solar street light all in one 15 watt

This street light with motion sensor can be used in gardens and can be maintained by home owners without any professional help.  The light has 10-Watt solar panel, 10-Watt LED with 1500 Lumens and 3.2 volts 18 AH LiFePO4 battery.

15-watt all in one solar street light

solar street light  watt all in one

This energy-efficient and cost-effective solar street light with PIR motion sensor can be utilized to illuminate residential spaces and consists of 15-Watt solar panel, 15-Watt LED with 2200 lumens and 3.2 volts 24 AH LiFePO4 battery.

15-watt integrated solar street light

solar street light 15 watt integrated

This is a relatively smaller-sized integrated light with MPPT controller, 15-Watt LED with 2400 lumens, 3.2 volts 24 AH LiFePO4 battery and 30-Watt panel.  The light demands zero maintenance and can be installed in private yards.

20-watt integrated solar street light

solar street light integrated 20 watt

Since the light is not very big, it can be installed on walls also and can be placed in gardens and terraces.  It comes with 6.4V 40 Ah LiFePO4 battery, 20-Watt LED with 3200 lumens, 40-Watt solar panels and MPPT controller.

Garden lights usually have a height of 40 to 50 centimeters, which makes the cleaning and maintenance uncomplicated.  Solar street lights can function without any type of maintenance for a long period of time.  For repairs and replacements, you may contact the manufacturers or distributors.  All the components used in a solar-powered lighting unit generally have a long lifespan and do not need to be replaced every now and then.