Dust resistance ratings for flood light

The first digit of IP stands for protection again ingress of solid foreign objects. Normally every outdoor light comes with protection number from 4-6 and 4 is generally considered low for an outdoor lighting. Flood lights having a protection of 4 have other parts attached to the fixture such as solar panels and motion detector. Regular flood lights have a maximum dust resistance level of 6, which says they are more dust tight. Flood lights can be an easy target by high winds and storms if it has lower rating so, if we want a flood light we should look for one with dust protection of atleast 5. For dusty areas solar motion lights are the best with dust protection rating of 6. These lights might be costly but they are more durable with better insulation. Almost every outdoor led flood lights have 6th level solid protection rating so; we need to pay more attention to the water resistance level.

Water Resistance Ratings
The second digit of IP stands for protection from water or water resistance. Water resistance in flood lights starts from 4 to 8. Rating 4 means that flood light is protected against water splashes from all directions, rating 5 means that flood light is protected against jets of water and rating 6 means that fixture is protected again strong jets of water. Any regular portable and wired flood lights have a water resistance rating of atleast 5 and the powerful LED portable flood lights that are used in extreme conditions have a water resistance rating of 8 with extra seal to keep the lights protected even though it is continuously immersed under water. For moderate rains and light showers flood lights having a rating of 4 and 5 are enough to keep the light and its electronic components protected. These flood lights can also be installed in front doors, backyard, garden, drive way and anywhere around the house. Only in areas where there are chances of getting continuous strong and long rain showers or even in floods where it might get submerged under water we need to install a flood light with water resistance levels of 7 or 8.