Do Solar Lights Work In Less Than Perfect Sunlight

You must be wondering how these solar lights works during cloudy and rainy days. Do we get the same result as we get on a sunny day? These are some of the logical worries which come to every buyers mind. In this blog we will try to clarify these questions which all of us have been wondering for a long time.
Do outdoor solar lights need direct sunlight?
Since, these lights use sunlight to charge up, the more direct sunlight it receives the more hours it will illuminate an area at night. A fully charged solar light can run from eight to 15 hours on an average. However, when it comes to charging the panels, it is the daylight and not the sunlight that helps in charging. The photon in natural daylight gets converted by solar panel cells to produce electricity. The materials used in the panels- silicon, creates an electric current when met with natural daylight and this current is then used as standard electricity. The direct sunlight helps in providing the best conditions for the solar panels to create electricity. According to US Department of Energy, using solar lights for a long time without enough sunlight to get charged will gradually make the product weak to get charged fully. During winters when its cloudy for many days at a stretch, the outdoor solar lights will operating time will fall 30-50 percent. Although the solar panels can get charged under bright light, keeping under direct sunlight will make the job much more effective and easier.
Do Outdoor Solar Lights Work In Extreme Weather?
Solar lights are designed in a way where it can work in any extreme weather conditions like hot, cold, snow, windy and rainy. Most of us might be worried about the working of these outdoor solar lights but in reality these lights can even keep running in extreme conditions. Some solar lights have been found to be working more effectively under cold weather than in hot or other weather conditions. However, in certain conditions like high-speed wind or heavy snowfall for a longer period of time there are chances that it might damage the product and affect their functional capacity hence, in such case you can bring it inside. During rainy days, there are chances that the lights will break if it's made up of glass. Heavy amounts of snow and rain can also prevent the solar panels from getting adequate sunlight and reduce its efficiency.
How to find the right light
Outdoor solar lights are a great way to brighten up our outdoors as well as enhance the safety of our family. It is also true that since these lights will be placed outside our home it will have to face all types of weather conditions. Solar lights apparently works perfect under direct sunlight but they also work efficiently in cold temperatures whereas it may not perform with such ably in extremely hot temperatures. In certain conditions we might have to store them inside for some time but no matter what the weather is outdoor solar lights are best for outdoor decorative or landscape solar lights.