Difference between Solar Garden Lights & Traditional Garden Lights

If you love gardening then being able to make most out it whether it is a small yard or an extensive garden will give you happiness to the core. Sitting in the garden with family & friends and spending some quality time relaxing with them is what everyone loves to do. Not only during day but even during night you would want your garden/yard/patio to look welcoming and beautiful, isnt it? So, to brighten up your garden/yard/patio youd surely love to install some garden lights in a unique pattern. Now, the main concern is either to go with solar garden lights or traditional garden lights. Both the types are good in illuminating an area however, there are some points which makes them differ from each other. You can check out the points given below in this blog, compare and decide accordingly because; at the end its your decision to purchase the lighting as per preference and affordability.

Traditional Garden Lights vs Solar Garden Lights

  1. Costs: Traditional garden lights come costlier than the solar garden lights. Solar garden lights are wireless hence, it is easier to install anywhere but in case of traditional garden lights it is different. They need to be connected to a wire in order to make it work and if the garden is spread on bigger area than the cost of wiring becomes much more costlier due to extension of laying the electrical wires.
  2. Flexibility: Solar Garden lights are very convenient in this case. You can move the lights anywhere in the garden and illuminate any spot but with traditional garden lights it is difficult. Once these lights are installed it is difficult to move around due to the internal wiring.
  3. Easy maintenance: Solar lights are much easier to maintain than traditional ones. Wipe it once periodically and they are ready to keep going for a long period.
  4. Safe: Since traditional garden lights are connected to mains electricity it leads to a higher risk factor. The danger of getting shock will always be there but in the solar garden lights they are free of any threat. They are not connected to any electrical wire so the fear of getting electrocuted does not arise.
  5. Environment friendly: We all know solar garden lights work on suns energy hence, they are totally dependent of renewable source of energy which does not emit any pollution but traditional solar lights which runs of electricity produces harmful gases like carbon footprints which is hazardous to the nature. So, it is better to prefer solar lights than the conventional ones which also add up to your electricity bills.
Solar garden lights have upgraded itself with time. Today you will various styles and sizes of solar lights suitable for different purposes and also offering its customers a wide range of options. It will help in creating a landscape garden without even affecting your monthly electricity bill.

Author : Arunima