Cheapest solar street lights


Solar energy sector is evolving consistently and the scientific breakthroughs have made the solar panels more efficient while being cost effective. There are many solar street lights available now in a more affordable range. This makes solar energy equally accessible to homeowners and businesses. The reasons why one would like to switch to solar could be different from another and whether it is for economic or environmental reasons, the benefits of solar energy are many.

Solar energy never runs out since the sun offers endless light and energy, more than we could ever use. Solar energy cannot be monopolized and operational costs of solar lights are a lot cheaper when compared to grid electricity or generators. Apart from the initial investment, solar street lights do not demand any installation and maintenance charges. Solar energy is a free energy that is available in abundance to everyone; therefore, everyone deserves to enjoy the advantages of solar-powered lights.

A few of the cheapest solar street lights available now are:

Solar Street Light 7 Watt Owl Series Motion Sensor

All in one 7 watt solar street lights

These solar street lights with motion sensors are very reasonably priced and can be used in properties for security or for decoration. They come in elegant designs with 7 watt LED lights with 1120 lumens. The solar panel used is 6 watts and with 3.2 volts 10 AH LiFePO4 battery and 6 to 7 hours of exposure to sunlight, they can work throughout the night. The lights switch on automatically at dusk and after a few seconds, the brightness is reduced to 25%. They are able to detect movement and light up and dim down when there is no movement.

Solar Street Light 10 Watt Owl Series Motion Sensor

All in one 10 watt solar street lights

These lights are compact and well designed and all the components are integrated into one single unit. They have built-in 10 watt solar panel, 3.2 volts 18 AH LiFePO4 battery and 9 watt LED with 1500 lumens. Their motion sensor feature makes them energy efficient and if installed at the right location, they can charge throughout the day. These lights switch on at sunset and after around 30 seconds, they dim down the brightness. The lights can instantaneously increase the brightness to 100% when there is a movement detected. Dim mode is reverted back when there is no motion from any vehicles, people or animals.

Solar Street Light 15 Watt Owl Series Motion Sensor

All in one 15 watt solar street lights

These all in one solar street lights with motion sensors are very rationally priced. With 15 watt LED lights with 2200 lumens, these lights are sleek in design. The battery used is 3.2 volts LiFePO4 battery with 14 watt solar panel. The built-in motion sensors are able to detect motion in their field and illuminate the lights to 100% brightness if there are any moving objects around. The lights dim down to almost 20% brightness when there is no movement identified. These lights are perfect to light up the dark corners in a residential property as well as remote areas that lack access to grid electricity.

The above solar street lights are priced within Rs.10,000. All these lights can be installed on walls or poles and are protected from harsh weather changes with IP65 waterproofing and the LED used usually is of cool white color temperature. If you want the experience of being a solar energy consumer but without the major investment that it entails, the above mentioned lights are the right choice of solar street lights for you to begin with.