Can we use solar street lights in gardens

Solar street lights are being widely used in public and private properties such as gardens, parks, backyards, play areas, swimming pools etc. Most of the property owners choose solar street lights to add beauty to their landscape, to increase their property value and to light up the dark corners while enjoying the benefits of solar energy. Since solar street lights do not require any grid connection or cabling, it is very easy to install them in gardens.

solar street light 15 watt

All in one solar street lights with motion sensors are the most user friendly and hassle-free lighting solution for private spaces. Since movement of people and vehicles is predictable, these lights can give a sense of safety and security to the people using the garden. They can glow up to 100% brightness when there is a movement and later dim down their brightness when there is no motion detected.

Solar street lights are unaffected by power outages and can continue providing sufficient lighting for the property. Ensure the lights are placed at such spots where the solar panels can receive maximum sunlight and there is no shade from surrounding trees or buildings. Solar street lights can be installed on poles or walls and the process is very simple. The lights do not need to be manually switched on switched off every as they turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn automatically. Solar street lights for gardens are available now at very reasonable prices in unique designs.