Best Type of Garden Lights Available In India

Solar garden lights are used for the purpose of lighting up gardens, terraces, patios, driveways or any outdoor spaces.  These systems are all in one lights as they have solar panel, battery and LED merged in together.  Solar garden light are simple and reliable outdoor lighting units and charge even during cloudy days to give a sizeable amount of light output.  These lights are self-sufficient and wireless and can be installed at any places that receive ample amount of sunlight.  Solar garden lights are cost effective and environment friendly as they operate only using solar energy.  Unlike grid electricity, by consuming more sunlight, you are only conserving more.

Solar garden lights with the latest solar technologies can offer sufficient illumination for an entire compound if they are placed strategically.  The operation of these lights is quite simple as they turn on and off automatically without the need for any manual interference.  Solar garden lighting ornaments can be easily shifted from one point to another as they are compact in size and are not connected to the grid.  They do not need much space in the garden and can be placed inside any mud filled pots or bolted to the ground.  Solar garden lights come in a wide range of dimensions and styles and here, we are listing out a few of the best type of solar garden lights available in India.

Solar Garden Fire Burn LED Light

This decorative solar garden light with realistic flickering flame gives a burning fire effect, beautifying the outdoor landscape.  The light comprises of 0.75-Watt solar panel, 0.5 Watt LED with 50 Lumens and 3.7 volts 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery.  This spike light is priced reasonably and creates a campfire ambience.

Solar European Pathway Light


This light usually comes in a pack of two with 2 Volt solar panel, Nickel Metal Hydride 500 mAh battery and LED with an MCD of 15,000.  The light has a 360-degree viewing angle and this solar-powered garden unit comes in the most sophisticated designs and affordable prices. 

Solar Edison Garden Light

This is a simple spike light that can be easily pushed into the soft soil in the pot or on the ground and has a 2-Volt solar panel, LED of 15,000 MCD and Nickel Metal Hydride battery of 900 mAh.  This classy solar garden light is moderately priced and is available in a pack of two.

Solar Vintage Garden Light

With complete daytime charging, this light can give around 6 hours of illumination after sundown and has a 0.3 W/2 Volt amorphous solar panel, 15,000 MCD LED light and Nickel Metal Hydride 600 mAh battery.  This beautiful garden light comes with a stake at the base that can be inserted into any flat surface.

Solar Flood Light


Outdoor spaces that demand plenty of artificial light at night can utilize this well-designed floodlight with 6-Watt solar panel, 12 Watt LED and 3.2 Volts lithium-ion battery.  A total of 56 LEDs with a power rating of 1440 lumens can illuminate your garden in a broad angle and with the help of a remote control, the brightness can be adjusted from far.