Best Solar Garden Light Manufacturers In India

 Solar garden lights help in illuminating not only gardens but terraces, patios, driveways, gates or any outdoor spaces.  Solar garden light are reliable lighting units that come in affordable prices.  As long as they receive sufficient sunlight during the day, they are good to go at night.  They switch on and switch off automatically and put out a sizeable amount of output even during cloudy days.  A well-lit outdoor space makes the neighbourhood safe as well as attractive.

Solar garden lights come in a lot of variety; most of them are simple in design and easy to install.  They are self-sufficient and wireless and aid in enhancing the appearance of the installed space.  They do not take up a lot of space in the garden and while a few of the lights demand simple installation with screws and bolts, most of them are stake lights which can be easily pushed into the ground without any professional assistance.

Solar garden lighting ornaments can be shifted from one place to another as they are not connected to any power grid.  If placed strategically, these lights can offer enough illumination for the entire garden or compound, enhance curb appeal, bring a relaxing ambiance to your patio and highlight the key features of the property.  Solar garden lights are built using durable materials and are waterproofed.

In the recent times, people have started to think beyond functional lighting and are purchasing solar outdoor lights for decorative purposes.  This trend has motivated many solar manufacturers to come up with a wide range of dimensions and styles.  Here we are listing out the best solar garden light manufacturers in India, keeping certain criteria in mind such as durability, price and variety of the products, time taken to deliver and customer service.

Tapetum India Solar

A leader in innovative outdoor lighting solutions, Tapetum India Solar offers premium quality solar garden lights.  This ISO-certified Bengaluru-based distributer has a wide collection of sophisticated outdoor solar lights.  All the products sold by Tapetum go through quality testing and the company is well known for timely delivery and excellent customer support.

In addition to producing elegant-looking solar lights, Tapetum India Solar focuses on making solar lighting accessible to everyone.  Their collection of solar garden lights is reasonably priced and they offer a wide variety of pathway and driveway lights along with fire burn torches, gate lights and flood lights to light up home entrances, lawns, gardens, decks, yards, etc.

Hardoll Enterprises


One of the fastest growing solar companies that has been in the business for years now, Hardoll Enterprises is specialized in delivering cost-effective solar garden lights along with many other solar products.  Established in Kerala, Hardoll Enterprises claims to have been constantly striving to make earth a better place to live in.

Hardoll gives same-day delivery and offers the best online price in India for solar garden lights.  A few of their decorative solar lights include solar multi-mode pillar lamps, colour changing disk-shaped lamps, path lamps, flickering flame torches, tea lamps, string lights, dragonfly stake lights, water drop lights, crystal star-shaped lights, fairy string lights, deck lights, etc.

Quace Solutions



This New Delhi based home décor lighting specialist provides the best range of solar garden lights.  With effective and timely delivery, Quace provides the best range of solar LED outdoor lights to produce a warm and inviting ambiance in your garden.  As their tagline says, they have a lot to offer in home décor, lighting and more. 

Quace has a variety of decorative solar lights to create a festive appearance such as fairy string lights, water drop string lights, solar lanterns, solar hanging lights, flame torches, etc.  There is also a good range of pathway lights, spotlights, wall mount lights, underground lamps, flood lights, etc.

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