Best All In One Solar Street Light

All in one solar street lights with all components built together in one device are a perfect choice for private properties and small streets where the motion sensors help to adjust the light brightness intelligently.  These lights are compatible in all climatic conditions with IP65 waterproofing and high-quality metal and ABS housing.  They are relatively lighter in weight and can be mounted effortlessly on walls and poles.

All in one solar street light with motion sensors switch on automatically at sundown and after a 30-second wait, the lights turn to dim mode and the brightness is decreased to 20%.  With 120 degree viewing angle, these LED lights glow up to full brightness when any motion is detected.  This makes these lights serve as security lights, which can help in reducing crime and can keep away intruders from your property.  The lights revert back to dim mode again when there is no movement.

There are all in one solar street lights available without motion sensors also.  All in one solar street lights are quoted at a lesser price range making them accessible to individuals and businesses alike.  Freight and installation costs of the lights can also be saved due to their compact volume and convenient designs.  Tapetum offers some of the best solar street light in India, The following are some of the best all in one solar street lights popular in the solar market now.

7-watt all in one solar street light

solar street light 7 watt

These lights auto charge during the day and operate throughout the night with motion sensors.  Elegantly designed and fairly priced, the lights come with 6 Watt solar panel, 7 Watt LED light with 1120 Lumens and 3.2 volts 10 AH LiFePO4 battery.  If installed at a location where the panels can receive direct sunlight, these all in one solar street lights can perform for almost 12 hours

10-watt all in one solar street light

solar street light 10 watt

These energy-efficient solar lights with in-built PIR sensors require no manual interference after installation.  The automatic timer turns the light on at night and off at daybreak.  With 10 Watt solar panel, 10 Watt LED with 1500 Lumens and 3.2 volts 18 AH LiFePO4 battery, the lights can last for about 8 to 12 hours once charged.  The lights are rationally priced and are unaffected by power cuts.

15-watt all in one solar street light

solar street light 15 watt


These cost-effective all in one lights with intelligent motion sensors stay dim when no motion is detected and turn into bright mode when motion is sensed.  The lights have 15 Watt solar panel and 15 Watt LED with 2200 Lumens and use high-efficient 3.2 volts 24 AH LiFePO4 battery.  These lights can continue to illuminate the property during power outages and overcast conditions.

The energy-saving options guarantee longer lifespan to the all in one solar lighting fixtures and moreover, during the days when the panels do not receive sufficient solar energy to convert to electricity, this saved-up energy is utilized to illuminate the solar street light.  These lights are being widely used in gardens, patios, pathways, backyards and driveways.