Amid Water Scarcity, Solar Water Pumps Come to Rescue in Cyclone-Hit Odisha

The extremely severe cyclonic storm Fani that swept across Odisha last week has ravaged homes, uprooted electricity poles and trees, and damaged everything that came in its way. Though the state preparedness and timely action saved millions of lives, the people in the cyclone-hit state are now reeling under darkness, lack of drinking water, rising prices of essential goods and a serious cash crunch due to dysfunctional ATMs.

The worst storm to hit Odisha in 20 years, Fani has destroyed nearly two lakh electric poles in the state, according to media reports. While the state government is struggling to restore the basic necessities to people like electricity and water supply, local media reports suggest that it might not be possible for another week. To help the teetering Odisha get back on its feet, various DISCOMs of neighboring states have also offered help by supplying power.

In these difficult circumstances, solar-powered water pumps have come to the rescue of the people of Odisha. Recently, a video shared on social networking website LinkedIn showed how solar-powered pumps in the cyclone-ravaged state are bringing a smile on people faces. In the video, a local man is shown thanking the Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency (OREDA) and the solar industry for such a huge relief brought to them in this time of crisis.