All in One Solar street light

All In One solar street light is the most advanced solar lighting solution where solar panels, charge controller, LED light and battery are integrated into one single unit. These lights are cost effective and compatible in all climatic conditions. All In One solar street lights are gaining popularity because of their compact design and multiple other advantages.

These lights are available in two varieties:

  • With motion sensors: This smart feature used in All-In-One solar street lights tends to save energy and brings a sense of security to the property. The brightness of the lights is reduced automatically by 20% if no motion is detected. Motion sensors used in these lights are capable of detecting infrared waves that radiate from moving objects, especially warmer objects and electronically increasing the brightness of the lights to 100% brightness.
  • Without motion sensors: The All-in-One solar street lights without motion sensors operate in a time-based manner where the brightness of the lights is 100% in the first four hours and in the later part of the night, the lights dim down in brightness.


  • PWM controller: Pulse width modulation (PWM) technique prevents overcharging of batteries during charging. The three stage charging process modulates the pulse width to change the voltage and frequency of energy from solar panel to charge the battery.
  • MPPT controller: Maximum power point (MPPT) technique detects the solar panel output voltage and current in real-time and tracks the maximum power continuously, regulates the output voltage correspondingly so that the battery is charged with the maximum power.


Lithium ion phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are widely used in All-In-One solar street lights due to their relatively small and light feature. These batteries offer lower voltage protection and longer lifespan and can function in different temperature range and are maintenance free.

Lithium-ion as well as lead acid batteries are used in some All-In-One solar street lights.


Polycrystalline solar panels are most commonly due to their cost effectiveness. Most of the All-In-One street lights operate with motion sensors and they do not require solar panels with more wattage.


Due to their compact size and lightweight feature, All-In-One solar street lights can be effortlessly mounted. There are no wires or cables to connect and the lights can be installed either on a pole or on a wall. The light fixture should be installed to the pole and the pole can be fixed to a flat ground without inclination. In order to achieve uniform brightness to the selected area, it is essential to install the poles at even distances. Placing the lights in the right position and angles help the panels get sufficient direct sunlight throughout the day so that the lights can light up in their full potential at night.

Very minimal maintenance is needed once the lights are installed. Almost no manual intervention is required after the installation due to the dusk to dawn automatic feature of the lights. Occasional inspection helps to identify any damage and replace any faulty components. Rain water cleans most of the dust and dirt off the panels; however, if the panels are cleaner, the efficiency of the solar street lights will be better. Therefore, solar panels can also be cleaned by spraying water with a jet spray or wiping with a soft cloth and mild detergent if possible.


    • Automatic: The infrared motion sensor in All-In-One lights detects movement and illuminates the lights. The lights without sensors operate in full brightness for a few hours and in lesser brightness for the later part of the operation time. Both types of All-In-One solar street lights perform automatically ensuring security to your property.
    • Energy saving: Motion sensor and dimming options guarantee long battery life.
    • Cost effective: Installation cost is lesser as no cable work or electric equipment is needed. Labor cost and operation costs are also lesser since the lights are powered solely by solar energy.
    • Easy installation and maintenance: Easy to mount structures, without requiring cabling and trained manpower.
    • Less expensive: All-in-One street lights are priced lesser comparatively. Compact volume and light weight design help save the freight and installation costs.
    • Weatherproof: Durable metal or ABS body and IP65 waterproofing are used to withstand extreme climate changes.

    All-In-One solar street lights are user friendly and offer hassle-free lighting solutions. They come in different wattage and unique designs and with the evolving technological advancements, All-In-One solar street lights will be more and more used in the coming future.