5 Reasons Why LEDs are The Best Choice for Solar Lighting

Nowadays people are getting aware about the exhaustion of the non-renewable and its bad effects. If we do not make an effort to swich to alternatives now then the future generations might have to face serious environmental issues leading to social and political issues. But luckily, scientists and engineers are constantly working in to find new ways to utilize solar power and introduce it to the public. One such alternative which is known to all of us is 'Solar Energy'. Many countries have already started implementing solar technologies since, they were conscious about the negative effects of traditional carbon emitting lights. Solar power is the only way to meet the needs of a household and commercial space in an easy and convenient way. Many people have decided to abandon the electricity produced by major companies and start moving towards the green solution. There are many ways to use a solar panel and one of them is solar lighting. It can be used for lighting streets, garden, decorative purpose, flood lights, emergency, wall lights and rechargeable lights. These lights work on a simple mechanism  during day the solar panels will store the suns energy in the battery and convert it into electricity for lighting up the streets/compound/garden during the night. Although every solar light has the common feature of saving money and reducing the electricity bill, while purchasing a product you should always select the best and effective one that will give you the ultimate result. In this case, Solar LED lights are the best. There might be various options available in the market but Solar LED lights are the perfect ones to meet your needs. Let us see why this type of lighting is the best amongst all.
  • It is an efficient option
Solar LED Lights are the most efficient lights.LED lights uses only 15% of energy and produces up to 85% of light as compared to a 50W halogen lamp that turns 90% of electricity into heat and providing only 10% into light. This means these solar led lights will consume less sunlight to be able to run the lights. In fact, this might be the reason behind the growing demand of LED lights.
  • It has compact size and elegant design

Unlike the traditional lights, solar LED lights come in compact size and attractive designs which can be placed in any area. The availability in varieties has made them a first choice amongst the solar light enthusiast.

  • LEDs have a long life expectancy

LEDs have a longer life expectancy (up to 50,000 hrs) which is 30 times longer than the incandescent bulb and 5 times stronger than CFLs. While buying these lights do not forget to check the fittings, quality of the product and environmental factors so, that the light expectancy of LED lamp is not hampered.

  • LEDs are durable

When it comes to durability LEDs are the best as they can withstand any type of weather conditions. LED lights are not made up of glass and they are hollow from inside which makes it more durable than any other options. These lights are resistant to shock, vibrations and any kind of external impacts that prevents you from worrying about its maintenance and repairment.

  • LEDs are directional
LED light usually gives out light in one direction unlike other types which have omni directional light output. These types of lights are necessary for task lighting as it can provide a uniform light on a particular surface. Hence, these lights are perfect for down lights and track lighting, which are often used to light desks, counter tops or artwork. The high-quality LED light fixture allows us to direct towards any direction as it enables us to adjust the degree of how the light is spread.