Decorate Your Garden In Minutes With Solar Garden Lights

The beautiful sight of a garden filled with different colors and textures, flowering plants, herbs and vegetables, luscious lawns along with butterflies and birds make us peaceful and happy. Gardening is a great way to relieve stress and you can keep adding elements to your garden to make it more attractive. As the night draws in, the right lighting becomes a vital part of garden design. The main reason why we need outdoor lighting is to increase the efficiency of nighttime activities, to beautify the garden area and to keep your exterior space safe and secure.

solar garden lights

If you want to light up your outdoor area, balcony and backyard without extra utility bills, solar-powered garden lighting is the best choice. During the day, when placed at locations where sufficient sunlight is available, solar lights draw solar energy and convert it to usable electricity for the solar lights to offer wireless illumination at night. At nightfall, the photoresist on the light detects absence of sunlight and automatically activates the garden lights. Solar garden lights are lightweight, compact and cost-effective and can be used to highlight your outdoor features.

Solar garden lights are simple plug-and-play garden lighting systems and can be easily placed inside mud-filled pots. Without major investment, you can decorate your yard or roof in minutes with the help of solar garden lights. There are no wires or cords needed for their installation and no professional expertise required at all for placement of the lights. Tapetum India Solar is one of the leading solar light distributors in India and has the best low-maintenance solar garden lights in affordable rates. Given below are a few of the best available solar garden lights with their technical specifications.

Solar European Pathway Light

Tapetum European Pathway Solar Garden Light

The elegant solar garden light gives a 360-degree viewing angle and makes your garden more inviting. With 2-Volt solar panel, NiMH 500 mAh battery and LED with an MCD of 15,000, these simple, yet extraordinary pathway lights offer safety and beauty to your yard. They offer decent amount of illumination and help you create an eco-friendly garden.

Solar Edison Garden Light

Tapetum Edison Pathway Solar Garden Light

This elegant LED lights offer up to six hours of illumination with 2-Volt solar panel, LED of 15,000 MCD and Nickel Metal Hydride battery of 900 mAh. All you need to do is to carefully take them out of the box and place them inside a pot or directly on the ground. You can place a set of Edison lights at even distances to line a walkway or driveway for better illumination.

Solar Vintage Garden Light

Tapetum Vintage Pathway Solar Garden Light

These graceful-looking solar garden lights have 0.3 W/2 Volt amorphous solar panel, 15,000 MCD LED light and Nickel Metal Hydride 600 mAh battery. A set of strategically-placed solar Vintage lights can offer sufficient outdoor lighting for you to socialize and enjoy a party or barbecue in your garden and also to light up any dark corners.

Solar Garden Fire Burn LED Light

Tapetum Solar Garden Fire Burn Decorative Torch Light

This attractive solar garden light has a burning-fire effect and creates a cosy, campfire atmosphere in the garden. The light consists of in-built solar panel of 0.8 Watt, 50-Lumen LED of 0.5 Watt and 2000 mAH lithium-ion Phosphate battery of 3.2 volts. The flickering-flame light is a terrific way to transform your balcony or backyard into a stylish and comfortable outdoor area.

Solar Garden Fire Burn LED Light Mini

Tapetum Solar Garden Fire Burn Decorative Torch Light Mini

This solar garden light gives Tiki torch burning-fire effect and creates a nice ambience almost like a campfire atmosphere. The light consists of in-built solar panel of 0.25 Watt, 50-Lumen LED of 0.5 Watt and 600 mAH NiMh battery. The flickering-flame effect is the best way to transform your balcony or backyard or any outdoor area.

Solar Flood Light

Tapetum Solar Flood Light

Solar floodlights can be easily placed on a wall with the help of U clamps and bolts and they can give a broad-angle illumination. These solar lights offer much-needed light to spaces where plenty of artificial lighting is needed. Floodlights have a 6-Watt solar panel, 12-Watt LED and 3.2 Volts lithium-ion battery and brightness of these lights can be adjusted with the help of a remote control. There is also a higher variant of 40 Watt LED available.