Best Solar Flood Light

Solar flood light is an effective form of outdoor lighting system that is useful in areas where a lot of artificial light is required at night. A well-illuminated exterior space helps you to increase night-time outdoor activities while ensuring safety and security to your property. Floodlights are also being used to highlight architectural grandeur of buildings and to accentuate garden elements. Solar-powered floodlights are resistant to rain and frost and are waterproofed with IP65. Solar flood light is an economical choice for residential properties as they operate purely on solar energy.

solar flood light

The luminary unit of a solar flood light has built-in LEDs and lithium-ion battery and it is connected to the solar panel with minimal wiring. The LEDs offer broad-angle illumination and have a lifespan of around 50,000 hours. As LED lights do not produce much heat, they are safe to be installed around plants and they do not pose any threat to pets or children. A solar flood light kit usually contains a remote control which can be used to switch on and switch off the light, to set timers as well as to adjust the brightness to different modes from a distance.

Solar flood lights are also being used in public spaces such as housing societies, play grounds or any such area that has no access to conventional electricity. Since solar panel comes as a separate unit, it can be angled in a direction where it can receive maximum sunlight throughout the day. Solar flood lights can be installed on walls or concrete structures with the help of U clamps and bolts and applied in any outdoor space with low-light conditions. There is absolutely no manual assistance needed after the installation and only some basic cleaning is sufficient occasionally.

Selecting the best solar flood light is a tough job. There are a variety of solar flood lights available in the market out of which some are good and some are the best. Today, we will learn about the widely used and most popular solar flood lights. While selecting the best solar flood light the main points we have kept in mind are brightness and lighting intensity, energy efficiency and quality of the solar panel, capacity of the battery, durability and ability to withstand all weather conditions. Tapetum India Solar is one of the leading solar light distributors and the following are the best solar flood lights they can offer:

Solar flood light 40 Watt with remote control

solar flood light 40 watt

This is a cost-effective outdoor lighting solution that consists of 12-Watt solar panel, 40-Watt LED and 3.2 volts 18 Ah Li-ion battery. It offers the most natural broad-beamed light for gardens, backyards, roof space, runways, compound walls, parking lots and also to illuminate billboards. The remote control helps to set the timer for 3, 5 and 8-hour modes where the light automatically turns off after the set timing and the floodlight can also be switched on and off from a distance using the remote control.

Solar flood light 12 Watt with remote control

solar flood light 12 watt

This is a smart solar lighting option for areas that require to draw attention to certain garden features. The floodlight has 6-Watt solar panel, 12-Watt LED and 3.2 volts Li-ion battery. With 56 LEDs in total and about 1440 lumens power rating, they can be installed anywhere with sufficient sunlight for the panel to absorb. The light will work from dusk to dawn in auto mode depending on the battery charge. You can also set the light to operate only for a certain time with the remote control available with the floodlight and it usually comes with 3, 5 and 8-hour timer modes.